What’s That Sound?

I’ve really taken a liking to the band The Civil Wars.  I’ve heard a few of their songs throughout the last couple of years, and then a few months ago I read a book, which incorporated music into the story, and one of the artist that was used was The Civil Wars.  The way the author incorporated the song into the story made me want to check them out further.

I love their folky sound, which I’ve always been into.  I like mainstream music, don’t get me wrong, but I love less mainstream artists.  I get this feeling of like yeah, I know about them, and no one else does.  Which, is not really the case, but I like to believe it anyway.  I’m sure you get the same feeling when you’re listening to one of your favorite artists and someone asks, “Hey, who’s this, they sound awesome” or perhaps they say they suck, but that doesn’t really matter because you like them.

Well The Civil Wars is one of those bands that I love listening to, and singing along with.  Now if I only knew how to play the guitar because I’d be playing right along with them.  Actually, anyone know anyone giving lessons.  I’d love to pick up a guitar again, I started learning one summer while I was in college working at a summer camp.  So needless to say I remember nothing.

Anyway The Civil Wars new album was released this week, and I am loving the tracks.  The tracks are filled with lots of plucking and strumming guitar and a mix of tones from both Joy Williams and John Paul White.  I’m not sure which track is even my favorite, because I love them all.  Sure there are some I like a little more than others but I can honestly say that there isn’t one song on the album that I even think about skipping over.  Which for me is a rare occasion.  I am notorious for skipping several tracks in an album, because there is usually just something about it that I don’t like.  Hence the reason I love the digital music age, I no longer have to buy the entire album, and skip the songs I just don’t care for.  Guess what The Civil Wars new album I bought the album instead of just a few tracks.

The first single off the album is The One That Got Away, which I like, but by far is not my favorite.  But, here you go check it out

Eavesdrop another song of the album is definitely in the running of favorite

Along with Disarm, which is a Smashing Pumpkins cover.

Not quite how you remembered it, pretty awesome I think.

And, here’s the title track from their previous album, which still remains a favorite, I think I may have shared this one before, but if you missed check it out.


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