So today I finally watched my recording of Sharknado. I TiVoed it when it originally aired, but the husband was home and had NO interest in watching it. The husband has no interest in watching most of the things I want to watch on television. Anyway, I watched me some Sharknado in an attempt to tide me over until the continuation of Shark Week tonight.
Ok, well the hype of Sharknado just didn’t do it for me. It was pretty ridiculous. WARNING – I you haven’t watched it and are planning to skip to the next paragraph, because I’m about to talk about it. It was just awful the acting was pretty ridiculous and let’s talk about the sharks I think Jaws looked more realistic then these things. But, the part that sent me over the edge was when the lea character was swallowed by a shark and proceeds to cut himself out with a chainsaw and then pulls his son’s girl out after him. I’m still shaking my head. So yes husband, who I love, you were probably right in not watching Sharknado, there are 2 hours of my life I will never get back.
Hey, there is a Sharknado 2 coming soon, an you can bet I’ll still be watching that garbage. I love some stupid drivel. And, who knows it could be better and it’s supposed to take place in NYC. I mean that leaves all sorts of possibilities.
Anyway Shark Week continues and I survived Sharknado. Hope your Tuesday has been well.


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