Estate Sale SCORE

Earlier this week Sarah sent me a link to an Estate Sale that was going on in town. There were a ton of pictures posted online of the items that were up for grabs. Well while browsing through the pictures I saw a mid-century modern bedroom set that was going to be sold. We have a mid-century modern house that we love and also love the funky vibe from mid-century furnishings. Oh and did I mention I had a guest room that was in need o furnishings. We made the decision we were going to go check out the sale and see what was what. We arrived at a little after 8 this morning and waited in line with a bunch of other people that had their eye on something the house had to offer. At 9 when the doors open we made the mad dash through the house looking for the bedroom set. We found it. Not only did we find it they only wanted $250 for the whole shebang. Uhmmm, can you say SOLD!
We promptly paid the man in charge and said we’d be back in a few hours to pick up our new furnishings.
We later returned with both vehicles to pick up our goods. We loaded as much as we could in the vehicles and said we’d be back for the rest. Yes folks this required a 4Runner, and 2 pickup loads to transport it back to the house. We made out like bandits. 20130727-194514.jpg
The truck is loaded up and on the way to the house to unload.

20130727-194629.jpg And, the unloading has begun. Oh, I also forgot to mention the room this furniture goes in requires a flight of stairs.

20130727-194744.jpg Problem solved remove all the drawers and things become a little lighter. I’m quite proud of myself in assisting the husband in moving all of the various pieces into the house, and navigating the stairs.
I know you’re all chomping at the bit to see what we scored so here it is.





Pretty awesome score we made. Oh and how cool is that wall. It perhaps is the only wallpaper on Earth that I’ve actually liked. It’s texturized even. Come on over check it out and we now have a furnished room for you to stay in.
Yes, we also got a box full of randomness for $5. Some trivets which are always a nice thing to have, and a bunch of desk lamps. Also some cool looking mid-century modern vases.
I think I like this estate sale nonsense. I’m going to e looking for the next one.


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