Yum Stuffed Zucchini

I tried something yummy for dinner tonight. The only thing is man did the house warm. That’s one thing about using the oven I can’t stand during the summer is the increase in temperature to my whole house. Anyway, we had some chicken that needed to be cooked from the other night so I decided to whip the husband up some chicken parm.  I on the other hand won’t eat chicken parm, vegetarian here in case you didn’t know, so I thought I’d make myself some eggplant parm.  Well let me tell you that was an absolute no go after seeing the selection of eggplants in the produce aisle. Then I spotted the zucchini, so I was all prepared to make myself some zucchini parm, when Pinterest made an appearance.  Stuffed Zucchini, why yes I’d love to try it. And, so I set out to make some stuffed zucchini. The meal was really easy to make and took just over a half hour to make. Not bad, quick and easy two things I like together. Having the double ovens going in my kitchen at 350+ degrees in my house for a half hour was a little hot flash inducing, but well worth it. Best part for you Weight Watcher people out there, you can eat the whole zucchini and its 8 points, and it’s from the cheese, everything else in it is vegetables and a few points come from the olive oil that you sauté the “stuffing” in. I made mine completely vegetarian of course, but the possibilities are endless. I saw a recipe that used to round turkey, one that had sausage in it, of course when you change the stuffing ingredients you are changing the point factor, but hey play with it and have fun.  It was delicious.

These aren’t mine, I chewed mine down.

This is not the exact recipe I used, I kinda made my own up as I went after reading a few, but here is one that is really close.

The possibilities really are endless just google images of stuffed zucchini and the combinations will amaze you.


4 thoughts on “Yum Stuffed Zucchini

    • I know me either mind blown. Thank you Pinterest and I feel like a fool for not thinking of it before if you google it 100’s of recipes. But, it was scrumptious and I will be making it again with other stuffings.

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