A Nice Saturday With The Husband

The husband got home late last night on the last flight into town. The husband slept in this morning, so while he was sleeping I did a little Nail Caviar Mani.
After getting some much needed sleep for him we headed off to his favorite place on Earth, or at least in the top 10 favorite places on Earth.

20130720-212359.jpg That’s right this vegetarian sucked it up for the hubby and went to Buffalo Wild Wings. He was happy I ate a salad with the chicken on the side. It is currently sitting in the to go box in the fridge. Maybe, the husband will eat it tomorrow for lunch.

This evening we headed on over to Rotary Park, which we had never been to before. We were taking a nice little walk up to the waterfall. This is not the exact one I encountered but it was of this variety.

20130720-213222.jpg Now if you know me I HATE snakes, I’m petrified of the nasty things, and after seeing that slither across the path I was done. I was ready to return to the car who the heck cares about a waterfall, I just saw a mother cracking snake. There were other people further up the path, who heard me screaming about the snake and they were laughing and shaking their heads. Go ahead and laugh people this girl doesn’t do snakes. In the words of Indiana Jones, “Why’d it have to be snakes?” Or in the words of Samuel L Jackson in Snakes On A Plane, “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf*cking snakes on this motherf*cking plane!” Yup, that was pretty much my response to the snake sighting. My husband on the other hand, “It’s just a garter snake.” Yeah, I’ll give you it’s just a garter snake honey. Blahhh, I’m having nightmares tonight.
But, I roughed it out mainly because I only had about 15 more feet to go to the waterfall, and it’s a beautiful waterfall, and a nice little walk excluding the snake sighting that is.



It’s been quite the nice relaxing day, and who knows what is in store for tomorrow.
Oh and, I totally forgot about our visitor to our yard until my husband just said something seconds before posting this.

20130720-214841.jpg This guy was hanging out in the yard in front of our windows while our 2 dogs were inside looking out the window at him. The dogs were pacing and going BANANAS and this guy could care less. I guess you could say he was in Honey Badger mode, he just didn’t give a sh*t. He was too busy eating the leaves off the cherry trees to care about 2 dogs behind the glass.


4 thoughts on “A Nice Saturday With The Husband

  1. Rotary Park is so nice! Have you ever hiked the Bridle Trail? Let me know if you’d ever want to do it – it’s a great workout and really pretty.

    • I have not, I don’t even know where that is, but I’ll go with you anytime. Just be warned I will be running at Mach speeds and screaming like a banshee if there is a snake encounter.

      • On your way up to the Falls at Rotary Park, the trail forks. Go left and you get to the Falls, go right and you head up the Bridle Trail. I think it’s about a 4 mile hike. Kind of steep at first but then levels out. Most of it is pretty forested so it stays pretty cool. Can’t guarantee no snakes but definitely agree with you – hate ’em!

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