Rolling Stone Magazine Cover

NOTE- This is an opinion piece you don’t have to agree with me and that’s ok.  I in no way mean to offend anyone.

So there is all sorts of controversy over the newest addition of Rolling Stone Magazine. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the whole thing. He’s a man accused of plotting and then carrying out the Boston Marathon Bombing along with his deceased brother.  Of course I also have to remind myself that he’s accused, he hasn’t gone to trial, he hasn’t been convicted of anything by a court of law, if we are going by public opinion well the man should be hung and stoned to death all at the same time. Lucky for him public opinion theoretically can’t convict you.

Here’s the cover in case you’ve somehow managed to miss it

Controversial Cover

Controversial Cover

I can understand why stores are boycotting the issue, but guess what people everyone has already seen the cover its out there, the media is covering it from every angle. So yes you are keeping it off your shelves and putting a slight dent in Rolling Stone’s pocket, but you’re not keeping it from being seen.  Do I think that Rolling Stone Magazine is guilty of using poor judgement in choosing their cover photo, absolutely. Question is, and I have no answer for it, is what would have been the better picture to use.  People are saying they should have used photos of the victims, ok, but the article isn’t about the victims so I can see why they didn’t take that route. Others are saying they should use the photos of him as he was being taken into custody.  I think the magazine was wrong in the photo they picked to use, but I don’t have an answer for an alternative. I don’t think that photos of him bleeding would be the right choice either, which some people are calling for. I don’t think that we need to see more blood and gore, I for one have seen enough of it.

As for the article I’ve heard that it is actually really great journalistic work, and yes I will be reading it, if I can get my hands on a copy.

I’ve contemplated posting the photos that were just recently released of Tsarnaev as he was being taken into custody, but instead I’m providing the link, so if you don’t want to see them then don’t look and if you want to here they are. 

Rolling Stone I don’t think we need to glamorize Tsarnaev, but you were in a tough spot because I can’t think of the best photo to use in this case.  I’m also not so sure your cover is so different from the pictures that were used by other media outlets immediately after we started learning who the suspects were.   Are, we acting in outrage because its been months since the bombing, and we’ve forgotten that we were seeing his face all over the place, or is it because it’s the cover?  At first glance I thought yes, they are glamorizing him, but even now as I’ve been writing this post, and looking closely at the picture, it’s just a normal picture that you or I would have posted of ourselves on our Facebook account. Take a look at it, it’s not like the photo was taken at a photo shoot.  I’m almost fairly certain Rolling Stone didn’t head over to the prison and say let’s dress him up and do a photo shoot.  Hey, if they did well then WTF Rolling Stone, but again doubt that is the case.


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