Warning-Opinion Stated Zimmerman Verdict

In case you didn’t get it by the title this is an opinion piece on the Zimmerman Verdict. So if you don’t like what I say that’s fine stop reading the post, and everyone is entitled to whatever they think or feel about the verdict.
I think that there was not a great injustice served in this case. Both sides had a job to do and the prosecution failed to do theirs, the jury did what they were supposed to. And, the evidence that was presented didn’t support that of 2nd degree murder. It’s horrible that a 17 year old died, and I feel for his family.
Was this a case of stand your ground the jury believes so and that he acted in self defense. Was this a race issue? I don’t believe so. The media got involved and made it one. There were 2 minorities involved in this yet the media started to call Zimmerman a white Hispanic. What does that even mean? Right there it became a race issue, because his dad is white that makes him more prone to be racially biased. Please tell me you’re kidding.
As for the injustice of it all we need to think about wether we could be impartial and unbiased if we were sitting on that jury. Those 6 jurors had a hell of a job to do and I commend them. They believed that the facts were not there to convict and they knew what a hot bed verdict this was and still went with what they believed is right. Ask yourself could you do the same. I’m not so sure I could of.
As for Zimmerman racially profiling Martin I don’t believe that. I can tell you right now if you’re acting suspicious in my neighborhood I don’t care if you’re white, black, or purple I’m going to be keeping my eye on you. You can bet I’ve got my eye on the house across the street now. I’m not willing to have my property or self messed with and I’m sure you’re not either.
Nor, is this a gun issue. Yes Zimmerman had a gun which he used to shoot Martin, but what could of become of Zimmerman if he didn’t have said gun. He may very well be dead or living as a vegetable and we’d have been waiting the verdict of Martin. There are a whole lot of what if scenarios that we could spend an eternity on but the end result is Martin is dead and Zimmerman’s life will never be the same.
As for the calling of federal charges being brought against him for infringing on Martin’s civil rights well to that I have to say what about Zimmerman’s civil rights. These are things we need to think about before shooting off about the injustice of the justice system.
Again it’s awful what happened I feel horrible for Martin’s family, and I feel horrible for Zimmerman and his family as well. There was no need for this three ring media circus that developed with this case, except to stir the pot about racial tensions with a side of gun issues thrown in for good measure.
I believe in the freedom of press but it needs to be unbiased and impartial and it hasn’t been that way in a long time. The media had Zimmerman convicted long before he was even tried. I can say that I am amazed that the jury was able to be impartial and to only deal with the facts that they were presented with in the court room, because there was a lot of conjecture way before they were ever summoned to jury duty.
Unfortunately Zimmerman is not the first to be tried and essentially hung out to dry by the media nor will he be the last.
The case is over, and now it’s time to move on and not rake Zimmerman over the coals any longer. He deserves to live his life just as you and I do.


One thought on “Warning-Opinion Stated Zimmerman Verdict

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