Ahhhh Life With Dogs

5 minutes and complete destruction. I didn’t even know that we still had stuffing in toys anymore. Well, I was mistaken but now I’m almost 100% positive that there are no toys left in the house with stuffing.
Yes, welcome to my home where Build-A-Bear workshop, or should I say destuff a toy workshop thanks to Trouble and Double Trouble.

Anyone looking for a dog? I’ve got 2 that I’ll share.


6 thoughts on “Ahhhh Life With Dogs

  1. Yowza! No dogs, thanks! Two beastly children are enough. Josh compared them to a swarm of locust today – their path of destruction ranged far and wide.

    • Haha sounds like a combination of my dogs and husband I’m afraid of what the destruction would be if children were added to the mix.

  2. You thought I needed a dog when I moved into the beach house.. So I ended up with the Foul Beast. (Bonnie). Then when we bought the house in Wyoming, you thought Bonnie “needed a friend” so we got the Ferocious Beastie (Heidi)..

    • Oh there are many many ruined shoes of mine that have been destroyed. And, for some reason they only eat mine not the husbands. Perhaps, the worst is the destroyed Jackalope.

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