Bye Bye NY

So I’m sitting at the airport waiting to leave NY. Currently my flight is delayed because the plane hasn’t been able to land yet it’s been circling for an hour and a half. It’s ok though I have nearly a 3 hour layover in Salt Lake. The plus side of the delay is that I was moved to an exit row. Sweet I will take it. Oh and I am a nearly 100% positive I saw a pregnant MAN. No, you didn’t read that wrong I did say a pregnant man. I know it’s nearly impossible but yeah a pregnant belly. It was perfectly round not like a beer gut or anything like that. It was a baby belly. It looked like a basketball was under his shirt. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture. I’m definitely bummed by my failure to get the picture. I’m not sure where he was headed but perhaps someone will see him out there in the world.
Bye bye NY I’ll see you in about 6.5 weeks. It has been a blast and I was sure to eat tons of your yummy pizza until next time.


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