Nonna’s And A Nail Spa Day

It’s my last day in NY, tomorrow I head back to the Wild Wild West, also known as Wyoming.  The good thing is though I’ll be back in about 6.5 weeks for Ryan and Allie’s Big Day.

Last year when I had come out to visit Ryan, Allie, and I went to their old landlord’s restaurant, and as not to break the trend we headed on over there again last night.  It is delicious. The restaurant is called Nonnas and it is extremely yummy. We had tomato and mozzarella to start and then moved onto our entrees. Ryan and Allie had veal entrees while I went with eggplant rollatini. It was amazing I nearly licked the plate clean. I was able to restrain myself so I didn’t make a fool of myself. But,if you’re ever in the Whitestone area of Queens seriously check Nonnas out. You will not be disappointed. And, a from what I’ve heard the pizza is to die for yet I’ve never had it because I’m too busy stuffing my face with other yummy things there to try it. Maybe next time.

With me leaving tomorrow I thought I’d get one last manicure and pedicure. I mean $6 mani and $15 pedi really can’t beat those prices now can I. I walked out with a mani, pedi, and tip for $25 definitely don’t have those prices in Wyoming or probably anywhere else for that matter.   And, the color choices I used are pretty cool. I’m glad I purchased these colors. Essie Neo Nautical and Sally Hansen A Mermaid Tale.


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