200 Already

It’s the 200th blog post.  WHAT!!!!  How can that be?  But, according to my WordPress blog post counter today is number 200.  That is pretty freaking awesome, because it means that for 200 straight days I have written something here, and at least one person has read it.  I mean that’s pretty cool right.  I don’t have a special blog planned for today, because well it kind of snuck up on me, I was not prepared for 200 to come so quickly, I feel as though I just did my 100th blog post a few days ago, but clearly it was 100 days ago.  And, add the fact that I am on vacation in NY having fun, and tons of things going on I didn’t really think about what this post should be about, so for this 200th post, we will just say:

200th POST!!!!!!!

Ok, now that we got that out-of-the-way let’s move on to what I did today.  I got to visit with my friend Adrienne which was a blast, catching up on the happenings in each others lives.  The biggest development in her life is her new baby, not that Tessa is all that new she will be one soon, but she is new to me.  Today was the first time I got to meet her in person although I have seen countless pictures and videos of the cutie.  Along with meeting Tessa, I got to see my Ella Bella, who is growing like a weed, and Kathryn who is growing up way to fast.  It was a great afternoon spent catching up with a friend and seeing some of my former munchkins.  And, well tomorrow night I’ll get to see even more at the Carnival.  If you are looking for me I will be the one chowing down on the fried dough.

Speaking of fried dough it is most definitely not gluten-free and well, I will admit it I have not been eating gluten-free since getting to NY, because well it’s a little hard to do so while traveling, and gluten-free pizza just doesn’t taste anywhere near as wonderful as the gluten filled pizza.  So anyway with the eating of the gluten filled food my legs, feet, and hands are starting to swell like balloons.  So therefore I am saving my gluten binge for the fried dough tomorrow.  I love it and I am not missing out on it, oh and not to mention ice cream, YUM, french fries, caramel apples, and cotton candy, I see it now every pound I’ve lost I will be finding at the carnival this week.  I will be packing in the activity and eating only fruits and veggies once I get home.  But, carnival food is oh so yummy.

Enjoy your Tuesday and Happy 200th Post.


2 thoughts on “200 Already

  1. I love carnival food. My favorites are the funnel cakes and the halibut fish tacos…but that might be an Alaskan thing. Yum! Congrats on #200!

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