Happy Birthday Ryan

Today is my younger brother’s birthday. Today he turned the BIG 3-0. My baby brother is 30 man I feel old.
Anyway, for his birthday I took him to 6 Flags. My brother and I have a love for Roller Coasters, unfortunately his fiancé does not. She’s out of town on a business trip so I thought it’d be the perfect present. Turn 30 and act like your 13. We had a blast and rode every coaster in the joint. It was a FANTASTIC day. The weather was calling for thunderstorms and luckily they held off for us, although it was beyond warm.
El Torro, is a wooden coaster that is faster then any wooden roller coaster has a right to be. We also rode Rolling Thunder which is the park’s original wooden coaster.
Batman The Dark Knight was pretty freakin cool, it’s inside so it’s dark and whips you around pretty good. We loved it.
Nitro, takes you up over 200 feet and then drops you nearly as far. It is fun, especially the camel backs.
One of my favorites Superman, Man of Steel is pretty amazing being that you lay on your stomach the whole time, the loop makes you feel a bit uncomfortable but it’s still a blast.
Kingda-Ka which is the highest coaster in the world and the fastest in North America is CRAZYTOWN. I was definitely not expecting it to go as fast as it did as soon as it did. It was insane.
The only coaster that neither of us cared for was the Green Lantern. It’s a stand up coaster, so you stand in this thing and it was pretty uncomfortable and well I’m a girl I don’t even want to think about the uncomfortableness a guy must feel, if you know what I mean.

And the best part about the day is the Safari Off Road Adventure. 6 Flags always had the safari as an additional fee to the park, but I never went. This year they made it an attraction of the park, and it’s amazing. It’s 60-90 minutes long and you get to see all of the animals up fairly close. It was very cool. So if your in the Tri-State area definitely go check it out.

You get to ride in these cool trucks and here all about the animals from some pretty talented tour guides.

Bison say what, I may have a bit of a thing for them. My trip Yellowstone was pretty much made by the herds there. Oh and look babies.

Check this guy out

And zebras too

Then of course we have:


And BEARS!!!!

And baby bears at that.
So in case you were wondering if we enjoyed the day I can assure you YOU BET WE DID!
And, to finish this post off, a picture of the Birthday Boy with his beer



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