An Evening With The Wolfpack

This evening I got to spend a few hours with my favorite Wolfpack cubs.  I’ve mentioned them a time or two, and you can check out their awesome Mom’s blog here.  Did I mention she was some of my inspiration to do a daily blog, and oh yeah did I mention she’s AWESOME.  Well in case I haven’t told you it’s out there now.

Anyway, I sat the kids down for some dinner, and conversation.  I got a whole lot of info out of the soon to be 4-year-old.  Wow, its amazing what she knows.  As for the 13 month old he amazed me with his many signs that he’s signing and all of his new words.

Highlights of the night:

Having a 13 month old push is bottle away, tell me all done and then squirm his way off my lap to head to out of his room.  Hmmm, guess bedtime was not in the cards for him yet.  Oh, and did I mention as he crawled out of the room, he turned back to look at me, as if to say well come on, follow me it’s playtime lady.

And, now memorable quotes from a soon to be 4-year-old:

“It’s a little bit scary, but I’m a little bit brave”

“Wedgies are when your pants get stuck in your butt”

“I farted, and it stinks bad”

Ahhhhh the things that come out of their mouths.  I am still chuckling just a little.

Hope your day was filled with at least one chuckle.


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