90,000 Square Feet Is Not A House

Wow, I guess it’s good to have a dream, but I am pretty sure this would be a nightmare for me.  Have you seen this house?  This is just crazy town.  I mean really 23 bathrooms, that’s just a lot and I mean a lot of toilets to scrub.  I guess it doesn’t really bother them since I am sure that they will have a whole slew of housekeepers on staff to keep this monstrosity of home clean.  Hmmmm, I don’t even think you can call it a home, or a house for that matter.  I’m not sure what I’d call it other than over the top.  You have almost twice as many bathrooms as you do bedrooms and 10 kitchens, really!?  I will be the first to admit having more than one kitchen would be amazing being that I love to cook and tend to go overboard when I am having people over, but people it’s called a double oven, not 10 kitchens.  Oh and how about a roller rink in your house, what, why.  I guess if you have kids no need to go anywhere being that you have a roller rink, 2 theaters, and a pool.  No need to book any locale for the birthday parties, you can do it all, all in the comfort of your own home.  I am not sure what they are compensating for but there must be something.  Wowzers, 90,000 square feet is a lot.  I look at my 5,000 square foot house and think that it is way too big, there are rooms that rarely are gone into, and well they are building something 18x bigger.  I hope they are moving in every last living relative, it’s the only way I can see any sort of dent being put into the amount of space the house has.  But, hey what do I know I don’t have 100 million laying around, and maybe if I did I’d say yeah let’s build a 90,000 square foot, I’m still at a loss for words to call it, house just doesn’t seem appropriate.  I guess I should just call it Versailles since that’s what the owners call it.  I’m pretty sure I’d pass on the 90,000 square foot house for multiple houses all over if I had that kind of money.  It’s something that I won’t ever have to worry about, so I can go to sleep tonight and not have nightmares about scrubbing 23 bathrooms, and trying to find my way to the kitchen where my chocolate chip cookie ingredients are.

How about you would you want to live there?


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