Check These Guys Out

I will admit that I have a slight love affair with YouTube.  I mean where else can you see everything from the truly ridiculous to the truly amazing all in one place, and sometimes even in the same video.  I will watch tutorials on anything from hairstyles, to makeup, to how to get out of zip ties.  I find videos with awesome workouts, that kick my ass, funny clips from kids, pets, and even famous people, and videos of people like me, okay well not exactly because these people have way more talent than I do.  And, well that’s what today’s post is about.  2 guys with extreme talent.

I have been following these guys on YouTube for about 2 years, they’ve been on for over 4 years now.  They play and sing cover songs.  Not really anything that is super special on YouTube, I mean there is an awful lot of that going on, on YouTube.  Anyway, these 2 guys started their channel when they were in college and continue with it.  They just posted their newest video the other day, and I’m pretty sure I had to pick my jaw up off the floor several times.  AMAZEBALLS!   That’s what I am going to call it, simply AMAZEBALLS!  I mean these 2 guys have more talent in the tip of their pinky then I will have in my entire lifetime.  Let me regress here just a little, their first videos are very basic they have their keyboard, set up in the living room of where they are living and have a camera pointed at it.  They play the keyboard, and sometimes would get creative with that, and sing.  You have to watch the videos more than once, because usually one of their roommates is in the back doing something completely hilarious, and usually it’s one of the guys brother.  Anyway, they have progressed from that and now they’ve been recoding their covers in a more studio type setting, which is cool, although I do miss the antics of the roommates.  With this new studio, more music videoesque style they have been doing a lot more with different instruments.  Did I mention these guys are talented, guitar, piano, and drums are no big deal for them.  This latest video is amazing, and well I can’t even begin to describe it for you because it is just that, indescribable, it left me with a Holy Crap, how’d they manage that feeling.  So here’s the video:

Right see what I am talking about crazy talent, I would have needed about 1000 drumsticks, oh yeah and the ability to play the drums in some other fashion other than just banging on them.

You can check out more of their videos on their YouTube page or their Website.


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