Save The Date

Just got my little cousin, although she’s not so little anymore, Save the Date in the mail.  I feel really old, I mean how can my little fraggle be old enough to get married.  I have millions of memories of carting her all over and playing games with her.  Crazy to think that hw time moves on.

Anyway looks like I will be heading back to NY again in February for another family wedding.  Listen family and friends I do like to come and visit and spend time back in the hometown, but now you’re starting to kill me here.  Let’s just plan all of these family get togethers around the same time like as in the same week or so.  This would seriously cut down on my airfare charges.  Its ok I love most members of my family and love seeing them and spending time with them, and well I’m racking up the frequent flyer miles and that makes for an exciting trip somewhere hopefully.

I can’t imagine who will be next, I guess that’s part of being a big family, lots of weddings, anniversaries, and well whatever else may come up.  How about you?  Do you ever find yourself with back to back weddings or other big events.  I mean I will have 5.5 months between my brother’s and my cousin’s so it will be plenty of time to get stuff together, so it’s not like it will be one wedding go back to Wyoming to fly back out a few weeks later.  Events like this make me wish we lived closer.

Oh and one of the besties had her baby yesterday, which of course makes me want to be home right now.  I have a little baby to hold and squeeze cheeks on.  Can’t wait to meet little John.  Congratulations Mommy, Daddy, and Big Sister.


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