Nothing Like 9 Hours To Find A Dress

Yesterday the husband and I got in the car and headed to Billings, Montana for the day,  Billings, Montana, you say, now why n Earth would you head there for the day.  Well, I love my future sister-in-law that’s why.  I had to go try on a bridesmaid dress, and well when you live in the middle of nowhere you have to drive to the middle of somewhere to get a dress.  Needless to say 9 total hours in the car for all of 10 minutes in the store.  Makes for a rather long day.  The dress however was tried on and ordered and we hope it makes it here in time so that I can get the necessary alterations done in time for the big day.  Let’s just say it will be cutting it close.

We did drive around Billings, and grab a bite to eat while there, and quickly loaded ourselves back in the car to make the trek home.

Today, I lost myself in a book while the husband changed the oil in my car, and then moved onto the boat.  And, well that became an all day job.  You know it has become a jb when he comes in and says, if you come help me I will take you anywhere you want to go for dinner.  Hmmmm, ok what do you want me to do.  At nearly 8 we finished the bat got cleaned up and went for a bite to eat.

After getting home I quickly discovered that there were fireworks being set off and my yard is an amazing spot to view them from.  Why there was a firework show at 9 on Saturday June 1st I do not know, but I watched them.

Tomorrow will be a day filled with laundry and cleaning the house looks like a bomb hit it, and well it needs to be cleaned.

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday.


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