Give Me A Pedi Any Day

I’m getting super excited I leave first thing in the AM for Cali, and can not wait.  As in I’ve been completely packed since yesterday.  Yeah I am currently writing this as I’m staring at my suitcase.  It’s taunting me from across the room, well that and the fact that my partner in crime for this adventure is currently sitting at the airport in NYC waiting to board the plane that will sweep her off to Cali.  Come on tomorrow morning.

So I’ve been keeping myself busy by doing all those girly things that one does before going on a trip.  And, well that brings us to the point of today’s post.

The pedicure.

Is there anything more amazing than a pedicure, I think there may not be.  I mean an hour of basically getting a massage along with a nice paint job on your toes.  What’s not to love here.  Ok I understand some people have a thing with people touching their feet, but get over it, you won’t be sorry.  I would think that I’d have a bigger problem with the fact that people who give pedicures don’t mind touching feet, and I’m sure they touch a lot of feet throughout the day.  YIKES.

I wasn’t expecting a lot from this pedicure, the salon was anything from high-end, I just wanted the calluses gone and my toes pretty for my flip-flop wearing weekend.  But, let me tell you the lady who did my pedicure may have given me the best pedicure I’ve ever had.  I will be going back and making sure I’m sitting in her chair.  She did all of the normal pedicure stuff, and worked the calluses off, and well this was the first pedicure of the season, and my skin hasn’t really acclimated to this desert living thing yet.  So yeah my feet were a bit dry.  But, after, oh after, I am used to getting a little foot and lower leg massage, oh but that was not the case here.  It was at least 20 minutes on my lower legs and then another 10 on my feet.  Between the massage chair, and the massage she was giving my legs I could have either fallen asleep or dropped dead from pure relaxation.  AMAZING.  f course after the massage she painted the toes and I walked out the door, and the price was well below what I would have paid for something like that at a high-end salon.

I got the pedicure done yesterday, and trust me I was really considering going back today for more.  Of course after getting the pedicure , and knowing that I was planning n doing my manicure today, I really considered going today to see what they do with that, but I can do a pretty god job on the hands, and decided I’d save my money and do them myself.  Plus I like to use a UV gel topcoat to ensure I don’t smudge/ruin the mani and I’m not sure how or if they would do it.  A question for another time.

One other thing I decided to do before heading to the land of surf and sand was to give myself a little color.  I found a tanning salon that does spray tans and headed on over.  The girl working the counter was awesome and set me up with the best level of color for my skin type and gave some good instructions on what and what not to do.  You know don’t get it on the palms of your hands.  So I got the spray tan, she told me how to fix the spot where it missed and I was out the door all in about 15 minutes.  Best part no unwanted UV exposure, of course I am sure in a few years they will say that this is bad for us too.  Most things people like are bad for us.

So now I am ready for Cali with my mani and pedi and sun-kissed glow.  Ok time hurry up.

The finished product


Not too shabby, if you ask me

Oh yeah and I almost forgot, to help the time go along tonight I am meeting up with one of the moms and her son that I had in my class at the center I used to work at.  I’m excited haven’t seen either of them in about a month.

Happy Wednesday all.


4 thoughts on “Give Me A Pedi Any Day

  1. Ok ya big tease! Where’d you go for the pedicure?! We got ours done at Bamboo last Saturday and it was great (sea weed wrap?! paraffin dip?!) and my toes are awesome but geez…$50. I’d love to do it more often but not for that price.

    • $25 at Pro Nails at the Beverly Plaza, and I don’t know the woman’s name, but I can pick her out. Although everyone that was getting a pedicure was there just as long as I was so it may be amazing whoever you see. I can just speak about this one lady she’s AMAZEBALLS

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