The Countdown To The Summer Of Awesome Has Begun

I’m getting excited my trip to LA is rapidly approaching.  Of course I say this now so the next couple of days will go heinous slow.  But, either way whether time goes fast or at a snail’s pace I’ll soon be in sunny LA, with my future sister-in-law.  Can’t wait.  What will we be doing you ask, well besides her bridal shower, uhmmm hello DISNEYLAND!

I can’t wait for Disneyland, although I am terrified of people in costumes so I think that I will be sticking to taking pictures with the princesses and avoiding Mickey at all costs.  Well, I’ll snap a shot from afar maybe.  

Along with Disneyland we’re going to do some “touristy” things.  I mean hello I’ve been living in Wyoming for a while there really isn’t much of a chance to do “touristy” things here, well besides be outdoors in the wilderness.  So Hollywood sign, Walk of Fame, Muscle Beach, and maybe even stalk a movie star are all game for me.  Now, when I say stalk I mean as in a OMG is that so and so over there let’s get a closer look to see kinda way, not the I’m following you to your house and sleeping outside your front gate kinda way.

Needless to say I’m pretty stoked about it, and have started collecting the stuff that will be going with me, so I’m packing little by little.  Hurry up LA bound day hurry up.

Oh and my tickets to NY are now booked as well and can’t wait to go home, do all those NYC things I love, see friends and family, and of course some carnival fun.  The next few weeks are going to be great.  Too bad the husband won’t be joining me on these adventures as he will be home and working 😦  Although, I am grateful to him for going with the flow and saying sure go for it, have fun.  I’ll see you when you get back.

And, on another note I think our dogs are conspiring to bankrupt us this month.  Heidi was just spayed on Tuesday, and then today Bonnie had to go in for surgery on her tongue.  She has a growth that they wanted to biopsy since it hasn’t gone away in the 2 weeks since we noticed it and the week of antibiotics she was on did nothing to improve it.  So yeah 2 dogs, 2 surgeries in one week.  Yikes.  I told our vet, you’re welcome, we just paid your utilities for the month.  Anyway, both dogs are recovering just fine from their surgeries and I am sure by the morning they will both be full tilt crazy once again.

Hope your Thursday has been exceptional.


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