Polka Dots Make Everything Better

It was another beautiful day here in Wyoming, and do I dare say it, Spring may actually have sprung.  Temps in the high 60’s and sunny, thank you Mother Nature.  With this lovely spring weather, it was time to do some fun things with the manicure.  Today, I went with a pop of color with polka dots.  Who doesn’t love some polka dots.

First thing to do is collect all of your necessary tools.  And well this one required a few more things than usual.

I always start my manicure with a nail treatment.  This one is Essie’s Millionails.  As a nail biter for nearly my whole life, a nail treatment is a must.  I really like this one, it goes on nice and smooth but isn’t bulky or tacky like some others I have tried.

I follow up the nail treatment with a nice base coat.  Currently I am using China Glaze’s Strong Adhesion Base Coat.

I picked a blue-purple color to paint my nails, this is Essie’s Bikini So Teeny.  The color is perfect for spring, the best way to describe it is a periwinkle color.  I used Essie’s Blanc, basic white to add the pop of color to my statement nail, and to do the polka dots.


This is the Dotting Tool I used, if you don’t have one toothpicks, pins, pen caps, or anything else you can find with a point will do.  Be creative.

Finally finish the look up, with a top coat.  I am really not patient enough to wait around for my nails to completely dry, so I tend to opt for UV top coats.  When not using a complete gel manicure, I use Seche Ultra-V Top Coat.  Paint it on like any other top coat and then place under a curing light.  I have both a UV and LED light.  I tend to use the LED light over the UV, it’s smaller in size, and quicker in curing time.  30-45 seconds as opposed to 3 minutes.


As you can see the light is tiny, so the downside is you can only do one hand at a time, but with only a 45 second wait time it’s not that big of a deal.

Finally I always finish up with some cuticle oil.

Currently I am using Nail Magic Almond Cuticle Oil, it smells great and leaves my cuticles feeling nourished.

And now for the finished product:


Most of the products I use are available at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  If you have one in your area I suggest you go check them out, you’ll be surprised by what you can find there.  Also, if you plan on going become a member of their Beauty Club, it’s $5 a year and you get discounts on nearly everything in the store, plus coupons for discounts off your entire purchase.

Happy Thursday.





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