What You Listening To?

So I love music, and well I have an eclectic taste in music.  At anytime you can find me listening to anything from classical to Tibetan Monks.  It just depends on the mood.  My playlist is quite the jumble of genres.  It’s the one place in my life where I don’t give a hoot if you like it or not, it’s all mine.  And, most of the time I will put the list on shuffle and let it play.  I love the not knowing what’s going to be heard next.  Sure why not follow-up Stairway to Heaven with a little Sound of the Dolphin.  Or maybe The Doors followed by Mozart.  I love the sound of music and the different genres that are out there.  I love listening to music and finding the songs that fit my mood at the time.

Well today I found a new artist, ok, well he’s not new, but new to me.  Whitley.  He’s from Australia and he has a cool, calm sound.  The music is mellow, and beautiful.  The lyrics may be a bit depressing, but the lyrics and music together create something amazing and beautiful.  So yeah, my playlist will be growing, and getting some new sounds.

Check him out:


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