This Is The Way We Wash Our Clothes

Let’s talk about something that I really just don’t enjoy.  What might that thing be you ask. Well it’s laundry.  Have you ever noticed the endless cycle that is laundry.  I mean you can spend all day doing laundry, and get it all done, but HA jokes on you, because it’s not really all done, because I can bet that the clothes you are wearing while doing laundry will be put in the laundry bin, and BAM, just like that your full day of doing laundry is ruined.  See, laundry it never ends, I mean I guess it could if you are doing laundry naked, I mean that would get rid of that whole having dirty clothes right away, but I don’t know about you, but this girl here is not taking part in naked laundry.  Hey, if you’re a person that does more power to you.  Anyway, laundry it really never ends, and by does it drive me nuts.

The sorting isn’t so bad, I mean my floor is usually impassable while I’m sorting clothes into the countless piles that are required.  You know the ones, whites, colors, linens.  Ok, I’ll be honest I don’t really sort my laundry in the conventional way.  I do socks and undergarments in one load, linens in another, and here’s where I get creative, the rest of the clothes are sorted based on how much do I like said garment and how likely am I to want to wear it.  The higher the ranking the faster it will get washed.  Yeah, yeah I know call me a 12-year-old it’s fine.  But, I’m perfectly accepting of the fact that my clothes have a hierarchy.  I can bet if you think about it yours do too.  So sorting not so bad and really not all that time-consuming.  I’m sure it would be a lot faster if I just did it when I was putting the clothes in the laundry bin, but I don’t really have a great spot for several laundry bins.  I know 5000 square foot house and no room for multiple laundry hampers.  I mean there is plenty of room, but no logical out of sight place to put them so therefore I have one and then have to resort to sorting a lot of laundry at once.

Washing the clothes I mean really that’s no biggie I put the clothes in the washer, put the soap in, and hit the button.  Voila, clothes are being washed, and while they are being washed I have anywhere from 30-120 minutes, depending on the cycle, to do whatever else it is I need to accomplish.

Then  there is the whole transferring of the laundry from washer to dryer, which shouldn’t be a big deal, but sit bugs the h*ll out of me.  Nothing worse than taking your wet clothes out of the washer, and dropping one on the floor as you make the move to the dryer.  Not, that my washer and dryer are that far apart, but it’s just far enough to lose a stray shirt or sock on the transfer.  I think I need to get me one of those wheeled laundry carts they have at the LaundryMat.  Yeah, I can just see explaining that one to my husband.  “Hey, Honey, I need one of those wheeled laundry carts to move the laundry the 2 feet from washer to dryer.”  Yeah, somehow I think I am getting shot down on that one.

Drying the clothes is much like washing, once we’ve made the perilous journey from washer to dryer that is.  Clothes in, push buttons, and carry on with life until buzzer sounds.

And, now we’ve reached the part that I dread the most.  FOLDING.  Ughhhh, can there be anything more tedious?  Folding laundry I hate it, Makes me want to scream.  But, if you don’t fold it you’re left with wrinkled clothing, and well you really shouldn’t go out looking like that.  I mean I do have an advantage there, and it’s called the Steam Dryer.  Throw that wrinkled stuff in hit steam fresh and BAM in minutes wrinkle free clothes.  I do try to make an effort to fold everything, but occasionally that steam fresh option is being used, ok it’s more than just occasionally.

And, lastly we have the putting away of laundry, just shot me now.  Really I am not done with this job yet.   Putting clothes away is exhausting finding room in the drawers for everything, making sure it’s going where it’s supposed to, yeah I think it can sit right there in that laundry basket and be fine.  I mean these are the clothes that I am going to wear sooner than those other clothes that are still waiting to be washed.

Oh and let’s talk about hanging clothes up.  Yeah, I find that to be a chore and a half as well.  I think that chair sitting in my room is a wonderful place to “hang” those clothes, don’t you.

Laundry the never-ending chore.  If you haven’t guessed I’ve been stuck in laundry h*ll today, and it’s still not done.  There is currently a load in the washer another in the dryer and 3 more loads waiting to go in, not to mention the sheets from my bed that will go in first thing tomorrow morning.  Ahhhh laundry.  Oh and the fact that as soon as I get the laundry all done, there will be more waiting for me.

There  you have it folks laundry and I really dislike because no matter how hard you try you never truly are done with it.  Sometimes you can get lucky and have it all done for a few hours, but that’s it folks hours, hours is all that you will ever be truly done with laundry.  So wash on, and just know that there is no end in sight.  Happy laundry day.


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