Bittersweet, have you ever wondered about that word.  It’s defined as this: sweet with a bitter aftertaste.  Hmmmm, shocking I know right.  Anyway that’s how I can explain today.  Bittersweet.  I decided to leave my job, I was leaving my job in mid May, but choose to leave sooner, due to several reasons.  Reasons that I’m not going to hash out here right now, and maybe that’s because, well I’m still a bit bitter about it.  Anyway, I didn’t return to work, and well it was kinda sweet to not have to get up to the blaring of an alarm clock this morning, especially after a 5 day trip to the East Coast I was a little worn out to say the least.  I spent the day catching up on the TiVo and cleaning the car.  I have 2 dogs that ride in the car frequently so of course it needed to be cleaned and add in one spilt soda courtesy of the husband and Wyoming’s wind and well you’ve got yourself a sticky, hairy mess.  The weather was beautiful and I took the vacuum and the SpotBot outside, along with some Windex and car cleaner, and went to town.  I scrubbed the seats, washed windows, and vacuumed carpeting like it was my job, and well I guess today that was my job.  I’m happy to say that 2 hours later I have a clean car.  I’m sure it’s not completely dog hair free, I mean those stray hairs are like ninjas they can avoid the suction of even a Dyson, if they so choose, but it’s definitely cleaner than it was when I started.  The soda, I think I found all of the offending drops of it.  Ughhhh nothing stickier than soda.  And, there is something about 4Runners, my husband, and soda.  In the previous 4Runner, he exploded an entire Grape Soda all over the steering wheel and front seat.  Yeah, that was a mess.  The buttons on my steering wheel I think were still stuck when it was totaled.  This time at least the soda spilt on the center console, and into the back floor well on the rubber mat.  I of course found soda in my center console today while cleaning.  Therefore, I got rid of pretty much everything in there.  Oh well note to self keep the husband out of the car with soda.  So anyway, it’s kind of sweet not having to head into work on a Monday morning, I like them a whole lot more now.

Now let’s get to the bitter part.  Today was bitter because I miss seeing the kids I worked with.  I love them, and they make me smile several times a day.  I will miss them dearly, and it kills me not to see them every day.  I went through the same thing when I left my daycare in NY, luckily I had great relationships with the parents and still stay in contact with them, and when I go home to visit, I get to see all of my kids and have play dates with them.  Yes, Adrienne, RoseAnne, Keri, Lindsay, Alex, Sarah, and everyone else I forgot  I’m talking about your kids.  I’m really excited to meet the newest addition to the clan, Tessa who happened to wait till after I left last year to be born.  I’m already thinking and planning what I’m going to do with the kids when I see them.  Of course 2 of them probably won’t remember me being as they were quite little when I left.  But, yeah it’s a bit bitter.  I was a part of these babies lives for several months, I got to see them roll over, sit up, crawl, or butt scoot in one case, stand up, and even walk.  I’m going to miss being a part of that every day.  Here’s hoping their moms take pity on me and text me pictures from time to time.

So today, nothing describes it better than Bittersweet.  First it’s sweet than you have that bitter taste afterwards.

Hope your Monday was wonderful, it was a pretty nice day here in Wyoming, of course they are calling for a frozen mix tomorrow.  YAY Wyoming.


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