Today’s Reasons Why I Hate Air Travel

Ahhhh the pain that is air travel after 9/11. Does anyone really feel that all of the security measures they’ve taken has made air travel safer? I for one just think it’s a royal PITA.
Case in point lets discuss today’s air travel ridiculousness. So up at 3am to make a 5:25 flight. We get to the airport with no issues get our tickets and wait for the security lines to open. Now I have a ticket that says I’m going to be leaving through terminal A. Ok no biggie but when only terminal B has security open and my flight starts boarding in 20 minutes there is something wrong. Well finally we find out that we’re all going through B’s security.
Ok no problem I hand over my ticket and ID. Well Wyoming ID’s your name is printed I. The lower left corner under the picture. Well dumbass TSA guy has his finger over it. So for a good minute he’s studying my picture and me. Now in my picture I had a braid oh and today wore braids for flying. Yeah he was to proud to ask where the name was, and well good thing he didn’t because I’m pretty sure I’d have ended up in airport jail. Because, my answer would have been something along the lines of under your thumb moron. Anyway he finally gives up and sends me on my way.
I send my stuff through x-ray and walk through the metal detector. Oh and now I’ve been randomly selected for further screening. Apparently today I looked like a terrorist. Yeah go ahead further screen me. They take my shoes and swab them. Yeah you TSA morons screwed up again. I would of randomly selected someone else with more substantial shoes. Super thin flip flops hid a lot I know. Morons.
And, now lets talk about the idiot checking ID’s again. Casey handed over his military ID, now mind you we are at an airport that is in a heavily populated military area, he’s telling Casey his ID is not valid because it doesn’t expire. Are you honestly telling me jackass that you’ve never seen a military ID.
Really I’m supposed to feel safer with these idiots checking for suspicious stuff. Let’s see can’t recognize a military ID and can’t find a name on a Wyoming ID, yup I think that they will be right on top of potential terrorist and their bomb or whatever it is they are trying to get on a plane.
And, as for the whole remove your shoes crap, really because some jackhat years ago tried to bomb a plane by putting it in his shoe. Thanks a lot a$$hole.
Moving on, we finally get through security to find that we can’t get to A from where we are. Not only are we confused but so is the airplane’s crew. Well I’m just following them I mean if I follow them eventually we’ll make it to a plane. So airport personnel finally say oh yeah your flying out of gate B3. Not 30 seconds later another airport worker says oh your flying out of B7. Well that’s when our pilot lost it and started telling the airport personnel just what he thought. Go Captain whoever you were. We finally find our gate and load the plane and fly to our first layover. We are on the path to be early. Hahaha yeah right. Captain, comes over the radio to report we are going to be 10-15 minutes late since Air Traffic Control is having a bit of a meltdown. Great.
We finally land and now have to do the airport dash from one end to the other, but oh wait our carry on that we had Roche k because it was a small plane is taking forever to get off the plane. Are you kidding me right now. Oh it took so long that our Captain went out and started yelling at the baggage handlers. We finally get our bags and then sprint the length of the airport to make it to our gate just as they are boarding. Thankfully that was the last of the air travel nonsense for this trip. If it hadn’t been I may have strangled someone.
Yup air travel you’re a miserable experience.


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