It’s Snot

So today we are talking about SNOT, yup that’s right snot.  I work in child care so needless to say I’ve been dealing with a lot of snot since oh about the first day I showed up at work, and well now allergy season is approaching, and I’m now also dealing with my own.  But, seriously what is snot.  I know its mucus but what is mucus, I mean besides the obvious, gross, ranging in color from clear to green bodily fluid.  Come on snot is just really, really gross.  I come home from work every day with my the shoulders of my shirt covered in it, not to mention on my pants, and occasionally in my hair.  Not going to lie it grosses me out some.

So here it is snot, I see it all day every day, wipe noses a 1000 times and yet the snot keeps coming.  Well, today I decided I needed to learn a bit about snot, so I came home from work fired up the laptop and buzzed on over to my ole pal Google, to get the dirt on snot.  So here’s what I learned:

– Snot is slang for nasal mucus, kinda knew this one already thanks a lot Wikipedia, big help you are today.

– According to Webster’s Dictionary, snots origin is Middle English, from Old English gesnot.  And, it was first used in the 15th century.  Apparently people have been calling it snot for a while.

– You can make your own Fake Snot.  Hmmmm new sensory activity, I think so.  Want to know how to make your own snot, well check it out here.

– And, finally this page just made me laugh and cringe a little too.  Check it out.  What you haven’t clicked on the link yet!  What are you waiting for you will crack a smile, its everything you ever wanted to know or not know about snot.

Anyway hope you enjoyed the snot info, and that your Monday wasn’t to rough of a transition into the working week.


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