How’d They Do That

So the husband and i decided some much-needed quality time sitting on the couch watching a little How It’s Made.  Have you watched an episode, if not you should.  I find it absolutely amazing how some things are made, and am completely amazed by how something that I think is relatively simple can be a multi-step procedure that I never would have thought had to be done.  It’s pretty neat stuff, and I learn a little something.

At the beginning of each episode they go over what things they will be going over for that episode.  So this episode was a Space Pen, to which I said I want one, a Reef Aquarium, I REALLY want one, than followed by metal caskets, ok yeah I don’t want one.  Caskets really?  I can assure you I don’t want to know how they are made, and when I need one, I won’t give a flying hoot how they are made.  The best part, they come with a warranty.  Uhmmmm, I am pretty sure I am not going to be returning it, or for that matter worrying about the warranty or lack there of one.  Just saying.

Tonight if the weather cooperates, and well that’s asking a lot around here lately.  Ole Mother Nature hasn’t been in the best of moods.  But, hopefully the weather will cooperate and the husband and I can bundle up and go out and catch a glimpse of the meteor shower that should be peaking tonight into early tomorrow morning.  Are you planning on checking it out?

I can’t believe that the weekend is nearly over and another week is upon us.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed your weekend and here’s to a great upcoming week.


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