I Think The World’s Gone Crazy

It’s Friday, and the World has gone certifiable batsh*t crazy.

I went to bed last night with knowledge of a shooting on the MIT campus, I awoke this morning to news of pure chaos.  Stolen cars, police shootout in the streets, one suspect dead, and the other on the run.  A city essentially on lockdown, a massive manhunt in progress, and residents warned to stay indoors.  WTF! I wasn’t asleep that long.  Speaking of sleep, maybe I’m still asleep and this is all a bad dream complete with Technicolor.  I mean as this story continues to unfold I feel as though I am watching a billion dollar action flick.  Currently I am just waiting for The Arnold, Bruce Wills, Stallone, and Chuck Norris to start come kicking some serious a$$.  Is anyone else feeling this way?  It gets more and more insane as the hours unfold.

How long is this manhunt going to last?  Where the f*ck is he, he’s 19.  What the h*ll does he know about hiding out?  I need to turn off the news, but I can’t I’m totally one of those people who needs to watch a train wreck.  Of course watching this much “news” because lets face it, I’m not entirely sure they are checking and re checking their sources at this point, has made me a little freaked out.  I’ll be making sure the doors are locked tonight and I live in flipping Wyoming.  I don’t want to go to sleep tonight, I might miss something.  I mean I missed a sh*t ton of stuff last night while I slept.  Of course as I type this there was just gunfire and police heading in one direction.  Hmmm, see you blink and you miss something.  Although they just played the tape back and I didn’t really hear gunshots.  Who knows maybe we need not have 24 hour live coverage of this.  I know I’d get a lot more done than I am now.

But in all seriousness I hope that all emergency personnel remain safe through the rest of this ordeal, and that the general public stays out of harms way.

And, then to top it off, there was a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant.  My thoughts are with the members of that community.  But, see the world has gone CRAZY.

Here’s hoping next week is a slow news week.



It just gets more bizarre as the night goes on, now he’s in a boat.  WHAT?  Oh and the FBI was asked to look into Suspect #1 in 2010. Oh Boy. This is just getting out of control. who knows what the f*ck is going on.


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