My Heart Is In Boston Tonight

I was going to write a post all about how here in Wyoming we are getting another big snowstorm, but in light of what has happened in Boston today, snow here really means squat.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those effected by this tragedy.  And, well that means pretty much everyone, because we are all effected by this.  I’m sitting here in my home, and wondering what the f*ck is our world coming to.

I have lots of thoughts about what has occurred today, but I’ll save these thoughts for another day.  A day when this isn’t so fresh a day when everything said isn’t speculation.  Today I’d just like to take a moment and think about those that were harmed by the explosions and their families, and offer my deepest sympathies and condolences.

Today is a sad day in Boston, and in the US.

Boston, I’m thinking of you today, and know that I will be for the foreseeable future.


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