Something Fishy

I’m telling you there is something seriously fishy with my street and this town.  A while back we had every police agency in the state on our street and well today its the US Postal Service.

Earlier today the mailman delivered mail.  It’s a normal thing it happens on Saturday, our mail guy comes between 10 and 11 and puts our mail in the box.  It happened this morning just like every other Saturday when we get mail.  Mailman comes up to the house, Bonnie goes ballistic.  Normal operation of the USPS.

Well the mailman came again.  Just now at 6:35pm.  Yeah, that is not normal.  Oh and it was not our normal mail guy, nor was he wearing the mailman’s uniform.  If I had not seen him get in to the mail truck, I’d be on the phone with our cities finest.  I mean hey they clearly know where our street is being that a few weeks ago every officer on the force was stopped on my street.  But, please tell me who is this mystery mailman wearing jeans and a hoodie?  I’m currently working up the courage to go outside and see what was delivered.  If I don’t post tomorrow it just means it was a bomb.

Definitely something fishy going on.  And, to think I didn’t know what I was going to write about today.  Thank you USPS and your jeans, hoody wearing mystery mail delivery guy at 6:30 on a Saturday night.

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday.  And, seriously where has the weekend gone, it’s nearly half over.  I think I need to start a petition for mandatory 3 day weekends every week.  Who’s with me?



It was NOT a bomb, it was my BirchBox.  And, as much as I love my monthly BirchBox delivery, I think it could of waited until Monday.  Really USPS there was no need to send a jean clad hoody wearing dude to my house on a Saturday night to deliver that.  Just saying.  But, I guess a thanks for your dedication in delivering my mail promptly, well today anyway.


2 thoughts on “Something Fishy

  1. We’ve had a few casual USPS delivery guys/gals on the weekends too. Usually they wear their blues during the week and then on Saturday, I don’t know…anything goes? Casual Saturday? Seriously, one dude looked like he’d just rolled out of bed. But he’d just rolled out of his USPS truck and had a box for me so I was like “Hey man, right on.” Maybe it’s their quiet protest to USPS cutting the Saturday service in a few months.

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