How A Vegetarian Survives At Famous Dave’s

For those of you who know me, you know that I am a vegetarian and have been for some time, for those of you who don’t know me, well now you know I’m a vegetarian.  A Famous Dave’s just recently opened up near our house, and well the husband was a raring to go stuff himself on good old BBQ meat.  So, I the wonderful, caring, loving wife that I am, yes I did just talk myself up there, agreed to go.  Hmm open up the menu and it’s not looking to promising for me.

How is a vegetarian to survive Famous Dave’s you ask, well you skate by the skin of your teeth that’s how.  Now the reason I’m a vegetarian has nothing to do with my feelings towards animals.  Be my guest eat Babe.  My choice to be a vegetarian was because I really just don’t care for the taste of meat.  I don’t really find it that appetizing, so therefore I skip it.  With this reason for being vegetarian I will gladly eat something that has touched meat.  Maybe that makes me not a vegetarian, but whatever I’m ok with my veggie burger being cooked on the same grill as your hamburger, am I going to eat your burger, no, but I’ll watch it cook next to mine.  I’m ok picking to the bottom of the nacho pile and getting non-meatified chip, or in the case tonight a BBQ potato chip without the bacon.

Now here’s the deal with Famous Dave’s apparently they think everything needs BACON.  I guess I can see that, as I’ve been told bacon is the “gateway protein,” and many people have a love affair with it.  The husband sure does.  However, when I ordered a garden salad I was not expecting BACON, my mistake.  Now I know to make sure I tell them to hold the bacon.  I just scraped the top layer of salad off and continued on my way.  Oh and my meal I just ordered a bunch of sides.  Mashed Potatoes, yes please, umm no, no need to load them up that’s quite alright.  Coleslaw, yes please, and I will tell you that I loved their coleslaw sweet and tangy.  Yeah you know I’ll be googling Famous Dave’s Coleslaw recipe after I finish this post.  If I find it I’ll make sure to share with you.  Corn on the cob, yup that sounds safe, hmm green beans, oh you add bacon to that, no think I’ll skip them this time around.  Vegetarians beware of the bacon it’s everywhere at Famous Dave’s.

I will say one thing for Famous Dave’s location here the service was great and our food was served quick.  We were in and out of the restaurant within 45 minutes.  I don’t thing we waited more than 10 minutes for our food to come out after it was ordered.  Which around here is a plus, I’ve waited longer at the Drive Thru at Burger King for a soda.

I think my husband will be frequenting Famous Dave’s quite a bit, I’ll save it for the special occasions for him, like his birthday, which happens to be next week.  I’ll have to think about that and whether I’m up for dodging the bacon again so soon.

Overall we had a fun quick dinner, the husband got to eat delicious food, and I didn’t have to cook.  Win Win!  Check them out if you have one near you, although I will say they are no Brooks BBQ Chicken.


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