Get Ready Wyoming Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds Are Rolling Into Town

I’m super pumped, excited, amped up, and a million other adjectives for tomorrow night.
Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds are rolling into town for a concert. Who are these Dirty Birds you may ask. Well, just one if the coolest bands out there. They have a jazz, blues, rock, funk, horn section type sound. And then you add in Sister Sparrows maxing voice and well you’ve got pure awesomeness.
I actually personally know Sister Sparrow and one of the Dirty Birds. I can tell you stories, but I won’t. They are just some really amazingly talented people ice known for years. Who am I kidding the entire family is pretty talented.
I’ve been listening to their music the last few days to get myself pumped up not that I needed any help for that. But, I can’t wait to hear Arleigh belt out a little Freight Train and Another Ride, 2 of my favorite songs. Add in Jackson on the harmonica and yeah I’m going to be screaming I knew them when…
Stay tuned for pics and maybe some video from their performance tomorrow night. Check them out on iTunes they are a lot of fun.

A Sunday Afternoon With Ari

Yesterday, Sarah asked me if I wanted some Ari time. Uhmmmm yes please! He’s definitely one of my favorite 2 year olds.
When I got to the house he was napping, but when he woke up he came running to me, jumped in my lap, and gave me one of his awesome Ari hugs.
We followed up the hugs with some reading of books. Like 10 of them. After getting our book time we headed outside for a bike ride. We made it 3 houses down before he was done and ready to ride his big sister’s bike. By ride I mean sit on it and ring the bell, it’s all about the bell.
After our bike time we headed in for a drink and a snack, and then it was back out to play some ball and pretend to dig in the yard.
It was a great afternoon with my little buddy. I’m definitely going to miss the entire Wolfpack Family. That is a thing I hate about moving is the leaving the amazing people you meet.
Ari’s sister, Sadie and I have a date later this week to celebrate her birthday, that I missed while I was in NY. I’m looking forward to our day.

I Don’t Want A Yard

I was hoping to get away without mowing the lawn this week. That did not happen. As I came home from yoga I took one look at the yard, and said, “Oh Crap.” Mowing the lawn was going to have to happen. We have a Open House scheduled for tomorrow so having a yard that looks like crap not really an option.
I spent and hour and half mowing the lawn, and itching like crazy.
I’m still a believer in letting the grass just die. I mean we’d save on our water bill, and gas because I wouldn’t have to use any in the mower. Oh and we’d save money on my allergy meds because I wouldn’t have to take a truck load before and after mowing the lawn. Rocks would look nice or hey I’m not opposed to Astro Turf.
Note to husband next house we buy no grass.

That Type Of Day

Last night brought some crazy wet weather here to my little spot of Wyoming that continued throughout the entire day.
Rainy weather for the entire day is a bit unusual. I think I can count the amount of days that’s happened in the two and a half years I’ve lived here on one hand and still have room for more days to be counted.
Anyway, with the temp in the 60′s, cool, damp wind, rain, and even some storms, it was day spent inside.
I did manage to take care of a few things that were on the list, and of course got seriously frustrated with other things I tried to accomplish on the list. You’ll hear about them in some future posts.
Of course when the weather is dreary my motivation is seriously lacking, and well today was no different. I did some TiVo catching up and curled up with my book for a while. It was a good day to curl up in my favorite chair with a blanket my kindle and a cup of tea. Tomorrow I’ve got some packing to do.
Maybe I’ll even take the dogs for a run at the park.

Warning Sirens

I’m not really used to hearing warning sirens. Until I moved to Wyoming I think I heard them once while living in VA. And, the only reason why I heard it was because the husband, who was the boyfriend at the time had gone out to run to the store. He promptly came in and said, the tornado sirens are going off on base we should probably turn on the tv.
Here in Wyoming they go off a lot. And, it sounds a lot like the teacher from The Peanuts, WHAH, WHAH, WHAH.
Tonight, they’ve already gone off twice. The first storm that came through only lasted a few minutes, but there was some wind a few good size pieces of hail.
For the next hour we are under a severe warning and flash flood. I’m not worried about flooding at my location I’m at the top of the hill, but I’m hoping for very little hail. That’s never a good thing.
This current storm that’s making it’s way towards me is supposed to have a lot of lightening and I love watching it, it’s pretty of course super dangerous, but it’s Mother Nature’s light show.

As Promised Folks Rodeo Video

So, I’ve been promising video from the College National Finals Rodeo for a while, and yesterday I promised footage from Mutton Bustin.  Well I was able to get my act together today, and upload it all so now you can enjoy footage from the Final Round of the CNFR and the Final Round of Mutton Bustin at the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo.  I hope you enjoy.

A little Buckin’ Bronc Action

And, this is what you call a bad day :(

And, this is not what you want to happen during the finals.

And here it is folks the College National Champion in Bull Riding Joe Frost

And, now for your viewing pleasure some cute kids riding or trying to ride a sheep.