Today was spent getting last minute things done before the husband leaves for overseas.
Meaning the husband mowed the lawn for the last time, because well we know how I feel about mowing grass. He checked on the state of the attic. Good to know that it’s clean and well insulated unlike the way we found the rest of the house.
Along with doing other miscellaneous things around the house to get it ready for winter and his departure he went over some last minute instructions for me.
What you ask, well how to run the heat in the house for one. I mean that will be really good to know how to use in a few weeks here. We have a heat pump and then a furnace for emergency heat. I’m thinking we should be using the furnace all of the time once it gets cold but we will try this whole heat pump thing first.
Second we went over hi to set up the generator if I was to need it. Let’s put it this way I currently know how to do it but in 3, 4, 8 weeks from now I’m sure I’ll have no clue. But, I have a neighbor and a friend right down the street one of them will be getting the call of its needed.
Finally, the husband and I went out for “last meal” with some friends. It’s not his true last meal but pretty much. As he is attending a concert tomorrow night, Judas Priest, and then leaves Sunday morning. So, pretty much last meal before eating chow hall food for the next 2 months.
So as you can see today was a day filled with lasts for a while.
Happy Friday!


In the past 2 weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time in airports. Unfortunately, I haven’t been traveling.
Hmmm something wrong with that picture. I think I might have to rectify that soon.
Anyway, I’ve been dropping off the husband and picking him up. I still have one more drop off for him coming up on Sunday. He’s heading back overseas. Along with dropping the husband off and picking him up, I also have dropped friends off and am currently waiting for them at baggage claim. They were on a Disney cruise and then went to Disney after. Uhmmmm yeah I’m a bit jealous.
Definitely going to have to rectify this traveling thing and soon.
Actually, tomorrow the husband and I are headed to NY. Unfortunately, it’s a quick overnighter as in we will only be in town for a few hours before heading out again. But, don’t worry NY friends and family I’ll be back soon for a real visit.


Living in Wyoming had some positives. And, well after tonight I’m going to say the lack of traffic is a definite plus.
Holy Cannoli Batman! Traffic was insane tonight.
The husband and I had gone to the gym, showered at the gym, and then headed out to meet up with a friend for dinner. Good grief it was all sorts of jacked up. We even took the HOV lane and still had to sit in traffic. The traffic issue was due to car accidents and add that to 6pm at night and you get a wall of tail lights.
So, yes folks we’ve found something I actually liked about Wyoming. No sitting in traffic. Although, according to the DOT in Casper they had a traffic issue. 10 cars at a traffic light does not equal a traffic problem, but that’s a whole other story.

Prepare…I’m Going On A Rant

I’ve been attending hockey games. We have the Mighty Ducks AHL affiliated team in the area. It’s a lot of fun to go check out the games and enjoy a couple hours out.
However, I’m about ready to beat some b*tches. I have an awesome seat when I go to the games. I mean I’ve talked about them before and even posted a pic.
I usually get to the games about 45 minutes before they start since parking can become a real issue. So, I come early park and head to my seat. Which, one wouldn’t think would be a problem. And, well it wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for the puck bunnies.
Now let me tell you these puck bunnies are a bit, ok no way too old to be chasing after these kids. Because, well that’s what they are kids in their early 20’s. I mean the one lady is old enough to be their mother. Oh, and did I mention she is the flippin’ ring leader of the gaggle of pure obnoxiousness. Holy Cow lady, get a life. She apparently is friends on Facebook with not only some of the players but their mothers as well. Uhmm, if I was one of those players mom’s I’d be saying run boy run far from this lunatic.
Anyway they take up the whole area around my seat and bang on the glass and occasionally make some very inappropriate comments towards the players while they warm up. Uhmmm please stop. You are way too old and obnoxious. Please remove yourself away from my seat.
Then the best part about this group of obnoxious women is that they are vicious and nasty toward 2 girls that are in their late teens early twenties. You know appropriate age to be drooling over the players and making a fool of themselves. I’ve been biting my tongue a lot about it, and for those of you who know me, know that’s no easy thing. But, one of these games I may just go off on the crazy ass b*tches. I really can’t take the obnoxiousness.
How’d I pick the seat that has to deal with obnoxious puck bunnies. I could totally deal with them if I don’t know they weren’t in there 30’s to 50’s and being completely ridiculous.
Stay tuned for the continuing saga of the puck bunnies because I’m sure I’ll have more run-ins with these crazy ladies.

Please Explain This

First I’m going to start off with an apology. I don’t normally take pictures of public restrooms, or as in EVER. Until today that is. And, the only reason I did take this picture is to get a reason as to why they would do this, as I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a lovely bruise on my arm after slamming into this thing.

Ok so shelf in the stall right next to the toilet. First what do we need a shelf in the stall for. Because, it’s pretty small and it’s not going to hold my purse, and uhmmmm I am not bringing anything else in with me. Not sure what this is about but I will say my arm did not like it.


Who Do You Like?

In the war of Taco and Burrito assembly lines I have a clear favorite. Out of the 3 chains Moe’s, Qdoba, and Chipotle, Chipotle is hands down my favorite.
I remember the first time I experienced the magic that is Chipotle, the cilantro-lime rice, and all of the wonderful toppings. I love it! I’m not sure who came first in the world of assembly line tacos and burritos but I know who my favorite is.
If there is not a Chipotle around I’ll go eat some Qdoba. The choices are pretty much the same as Chipotle, I still think Chipotle wins on the rice alone though.
As a last resort I’ll hit up Moe’s. I went there tonight to grab dinner since I had been out running errands and was not in the mood to cook anything when I got home. I’m not a fan of their rice, although I am a fan of their salsa bar. They have several different varieties that you can add to your food. Tonight I tried the pineapple-cucumber. I think that was the best part of my meal. It was sweet, but not overly so. I actually wasn’t to sure about it when I first saw it. Cucumber and pineapple were not 2 things I would of put together, but I’m a believer in the combination now.
Anyway, the food is relatively the same at each location I guess it’s just a matter of what your preference is.
Which is your favorite?


I made some brownies tonight after I got home from the gym. I know gym and then making brownies. But, hey I burned some calories at the gym so now I can enjoy a brownie.
I love brownies! There is something about the gooey chocolatey goodness. Which, is funny because chocolate cake I hate. But, brownies I could eat every day.
As my dinner was cooking I whipped up a batch of brownies and well the house smells delicious now, and I’ve just pulled them out of the oven. I’m trying to keep myself from devouring them right this second. I mean warm brownies are delicious but right now they would be scalding hot. So, I’m writing this blog to stall for time so that I won’t just take a fork to the pan.

Plans Are Always Changing

I’ve learned over the last few years that I need to be flexible. Which, for those of you who know me that’s a bit hard for me. I’m a planner, I’m OCD Type-A, you know all of those things that either drive people to ask you to organize everything or steer clear of me.
Over the last 2+ years of dealing with my husband’s old job, I learned that plans get thrown out the window when there is no schedule. Luckily the husband’s new job has a more set schedule. Of course he is currently taking a class and that is now all changed. He was supposed to be done next Wednesday and now he’ll be finishing Sunday instead. So now we are playing the change flights, find new flights airline game. Yeah, not fun.
Although, it will be nice having him home for a week before he leaves again for 2 months instead of only 3 days.
But, as you can see the plans have been thrown out the window and have completely changed. I’m getting better at going with the flow. Well somewhat anyway.