Yoga It’s Not For Everyone

A funny thing happened at yoga last night. Our class was inundated with theNaval Station’s basketball team. And, well what ensued was quite the fun-filled class. And, by fun-filled I mean for all of us “regulars” I’m pretty sure the basketball players did not find it as fun.
Well, I can say they took it in stride. At the beginning of the class they were laughing, cracking jokes, and snapping pictures of each other. By, the end of the class they were quite a bit more reserved.
Imagine if you will about 15 navy service members who also play basketball doing a yoga class for the first time. Yeah, you’re probably shaking your head right now with a bit of a grin on your face. Trust me it was even better in person, and hard to keep a straight face and not laugh hysterically at some of the things that went on.
In the first 5 minutes of class one poor guy collapsed to the ground with a cramp. We weren’t even doing anything difficult. We were doing seated twists. Although, I give him credit he walked it off and joined back in with us.
We did some hip opening exercises and poses that were based out of lunges and well they had some major difficulties with it. Our instructor even commented on how there must not be a lot of lunges in basketball because they were having a hard time with them.
We were doing some side angle poses and they were toppling over. At one point someone actually fell to the floor. I’m not sure what pose we were doing but he fell completely to the ground. But, he took it with humor and laughed.
I will say they were really good sports about it and stuck it out.
After the class was over the general consensus from the players was, “Yoga is no joke! This is some serious sh*t”
Well I couldn’t say it better myself. Yoga is truly making me stronger. I can now do a real girl push-up which is not a big deal but for me it is. I couldn’t do one 2 months ago. I was doing wall push-ups or had to be in a table top position to do them. But, thanks to yoga and planks and chataranga I’ve gotten the strength to do a girl push-up. I can’t do a ton of them but I can do them now. Hopefully, in a few months I’ll be able to do a real push-up. My butt, thighs, legs, and arms are all definitely starting to show the results of yoga 4 times a week. Add the zumba 4 times a week I am seeing some definite changes in the shape of myself.
I’ve definitely become a yoga believer and lover.

You Have To Get One Of These

I got a new kitchen gadget. It arrived on Monday and tonight I tried it out.
It’s an air fryer. Fried food without all of the extra fat and grease. No oil was used in making my dinner tonight. Also half the cook time and no waiting for the oven to preheat to 450 degrees.
So here’s what the air fryer looks like:

I made French fries and gluten-free nuggets for dinner tonight. Best part it was all done in 12 minutes. What!!!! It takes almost that long just to preheat the oven.

Golden brown fries crispy on the outside and evenly browned can’t get that in the oven. And, notice no greasy film on those fries because there was no oil used.

And, check out those golden brown nuggets. Yeah, they were delicious as well. It was a quick meal and just perfect for getting home at quarter to 8. Dinner was ready by 8 instead of 8:30 or later if I had used the oven. Plus the fact that no extra fat was added with oil can we say SCORE!!!!
So, seriously love this thing and can’t wait to try some other thugs in it. Check out the air fryer your life may just change.

A Little Of This A Little Of That

Check out my mani

It’s a little jewel tones fun. Don’t mind the chips I’ve had this mani for a little bit.
Last week when we ran up to NY for the night we boarded the dogs and they got a bath. At this boarding place when they give the dogs baths they always send them home with a bandana. Well check it out now the monster dogs are all ready for Halloween.

Of course the only time that you can get a picture of the dogs is when they are sleeping. It’s the only time they are sitting still. Twice this week and the week just started Bonnie has knocked over full glasses of drinks. Last night she broke the damn glass.
And, a little sneak peak of what’s to come tomorrow.



So, I’m working on a project that I can’t really say much about yet, but hopefully by the new year I’ll have news on the results of this project.
But, with that I can share some pictures with you from working on the project this morning. The husband and I took in the sunrise this morning down at the oceanfront. It was also a nice way to spend the last morning the husband was in town. After our sunrise at the oceanfront project was complete we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at one of our favorite brunch places. We ate our meal out on the patio and enjoyed good food and each others company.





Judas Priest

The husband is on his way to the Judas Priest concert. I’m packing up all of his last minute stuff and tomorrow it’s off to the airport so he can head back overseas.
While he’s overseas I’ve been making plans for the holidays since he won’t be home. Family and friends are a lot easier to see when you live on the same coast as them.


Today was spent getting last minute things done before the husband leaves for overseas.
Meaning the husband mowed the lawn for the last time, because well we know how I feel about mowing grass. He checked on the state of the attic. Good to know that it’s clean and well insulated unlike the way we found the rest of the house.
Along with doing other miscellaneous things around the house to get it ready for winter and his departure he went over some last minute instructions for me.
What you ask, well how to run the heat in the house for one. I mean that will be really good to know how to use in a few weeks here. We have a heat pump and then a furnace for emergency heat. I’m thinking we should be using the furnace all of the time once it gets cold but we will try this whole heat pump thing first.
Second we went over hi to set up the generator if I was to need it. Let’s put it this way I currently know how to do it but in 3, 4, 8 weeks from now I’m sure I’ll have no clue. But, I have a neighbor and a friend right down the street one of them will be getting the call of its needed.
Finally, the husband and I went out for “last meal” with some friends. It’s not his true last meal but pretty much. As he is attending a concert tomorrow night, Judas Priest, and then leaves Sunday morning. So, pretty much last meal before eating chow hall food for the next 2 months.
So as you can see today was a day filled with lasts for a while.
Happy Friday!


In the past 2 weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time in airports. Unfortunately, I haven’t been traveling.
Hmmm something wrong with that picture. I think I might have to rectify that soon.
Anyway, I’ve been dropping off the husband and picking him up. I still have one more drop off for him coming up on Sunday. He’s heading back overseas. Along with dropping the husband off and picking him up, I also have dropped friends off and am currently waiting for them at baggage claim. They were on a Disney cruise and then went to Disney after. Uhmmmm yeah I’m a bit jealous.
Definitely going to have to rectify this traveling thing and soon.
Actually, tomorrow the husband and I are headed to NY. Unfortunately, it’s a quick overnighter as in we will only be in town for a few hours before heading out again. But, don’t worry NY friends and family I’ll be back soon for a real visit.