Grand Illumination Parade

Last night I headed to downtown Norfolk to take-in the 30th Anniversary of the parade. Before the parade kicks off they countdown to the lighting of all of the buildings in downtown Norfolk and Old Town Portsmouth.
Once the buildings are all lit with their holiday lights the parade kicks off.
The theme this year was Big City Big Lights, and well there were lots of lights and some amazing floats.
Check out some pictures from last night’s festivities.







































Last night I headed to PTA Pizza BINGO at a local elementary school where my friends’ daughter attends school.
It was a good time and a couple hours spent out of the house. They played several different games. Including a box, cross, X, and blackout. A game was won on the Blackout round and a plastic cup was the prize. They had all sorts of prizes so that there were plenty of winners.
Of course this was a much slower paced BINGO then what I’m used too. Of course it had to be being as it was geared towards the kids.
I’m thinking a trip to the local BINGO Hall may be in order. Of course I get really mad and irritated when I don’t win, but it’s still fun.
Tonight I’m off to the Grand Illumination Parade.
Happy Saturday.

Trivia Crack

Well let’s put it this way the name of the app is completely fitting.
I recently discovered a new app for the iPhone. It’s aptly called Trivia Crack. And, it’s as addictive as crack, well I wouldn’t know from experience as I’ve never done crack, but I’m sure it is. I really need to turn the notifications off for this app because every time my phone goes off I grab my phone and set off to answer questions. It’s really ridiculous. I find myself counting down an hour so that I can start another match. It’s ridiculous. I’m really going to be of no use to life if I keep it up. But, hey I’m learning all sorts of trivia facts.
There are 6 categories:
And, some of the questions are a breeze to answer and others I shake my head saying I have no flipping clue. But, I love it. Ahhhhh trivia. I’m also currently counting down the minutes for the start of Jeopardy. Yeah, I love trivia and answering questions.
So if you like trivia and don’t care if other parts of your life my become a bit neglected go download yourself some Trivia Crack.

Ladies Of The Junior League

Last night I attended a recruitment event for the Junior League. It was held at the Yard House, which is a great place to have some cocktails and get to know people.
There were 6 or maybe 7 of us who showed up to see what it was all about. I chatted with a few of the women who are interested in joining and really enjoyed their company.
Along with meeting some perspective members I met lots of current members. It was great. I really liked everyone that I met and got to talk with last night. The current President is wonderful and the President elect is amazing. I talked to both for quite a while. Along with them I talked to lots of other members. They were all nice and found I had some things in common with a couple of the ladies I talked too.
After attending the event last night I’m even more excited about joining. They let us know that when they have events that we are more than welcome to attend including their upcoming holiday party.
I learned lots of things about the chapter and found that they are laid back and pretty flexible with members other life commitments. Also they explained that it is a very flowing group as we are in a military area and people tend to come and go a lot. I definitely plan on attending further events and joining come August.
After the meeting another perspective and I had some dinner and chatted further. It was great talking to her and having dinner with her. I like the idea of hanging out with some other women and making some more friends here.
So watch out world I think I’ll be a lady of the Junior League come August.


Eyebrow Threading

I’m a lover of eyebrow threading. It’s a great way to get nice looking eyebrows. And, well I love it. I find it works wonders.
For me threading just works better and looks better. When you thread your eyebrows all of those fine hairs are taken care of. Waxing first always leaves behind a sticky residue that doesn’t truly come off until I’ve thoroughly scrubbed the heck out of my face. This is also followed quickly by my skin breaking out in tiny little white bumps. These little bumps don’t only last a day or 2 but up to 7-10 days. Also, with waxing I find that I have to tweeze along with waxing because I can’t get every stray hair. With threading I don’t have to tweeze to get the little missed hairs because you can get them all just by threading.
The downside to threading is I can’t do it at home and I can’t do it myself. I have to have someone do it for me, which isn’t really that big of a deal since if I was going to wax my eyebrows I’d have someone do it for me. Less chance of error that way.
Living in Wyoming was a bit rough there wasn’t a threading place to go to. Which made for a lot of plucking on my part. Every time I went home to NY I’d make a point to get my eyebrows done. And, well now that I’m living back in the land of civilization I’m able to find plenty of places to get my eyebrows threaded. However, my favorite place will still be with the little Indian ladies on Crosby Ave in the Bronx. They do a great job and only charge $5. Uhmmmm yes here take my money please.
Ok so anyway I went on Saturday to a threading place to get the eyebrows done because well they were in need of some serious attention. I went it and was shocked to see Asian women doing the threading. I’ve been getting my eyebrows threaded for several years now, and the only people that have been threading or even working in the joint have been Indian. So, I was a little nervous, but saw the line of people waiting and figured they must be good. And, well if it turned out awful they would grow back and I know how to use a pencil.
Well, let me tell you first this lady was the fastest eyebrow threader EVER. I mean I think it was all of 90 seconds and she was done. What!!!! How can you be done already? And, second they came out AMAZING!!! The shape is awesome and she was even able to fix them so that they match. My eyebrows grow in different and it’s nearly impossible to get them to match, but this lady did it.
I was a bit ticked that it was $12 not that that is a ton of money but hey I’m used to $5. But after seeing the results I’ll hand over the money a little less grudgingly.
Now for all of you that wonder how I could get my eyebrows threaded saying doesn’t it hurt, all I have to say is waxing isn’t exactly a pleasant feeling either. And, hey with threading you are in control of how taught your skin is held unlike waxing where they hold it for you. And, like anything you get used to it. I really don’t feel it at all anymore and the clean look I get without the breakout I will gladly take the pain.
But, I have some nice looking eyebrows and have found a place and a lady I’ll be going to.


This afternoon we got a bit of a rain storm. Luckily, I had made it to where I needed to be just before the rain started coming down in sheets.
The water hitting my windshield was like the water that comes across your car while in an automatic car wash. I’m glad I was pulling into a parking space when it got that heavy, because if I had been on the highway I would of been pulled over to the side of the road. There was no way you could see to drive.
Of course, with the amount of rain that was coming down it meant that I was sitting in my car for awhile because I wasn’t going to make it inside with the way it was coming down. I only had to wait 10 minutes or so, but while I was sitting in my car someone pulled in next to me and slammed their door into my car. And, then just waved at me. Uhmmmmm, seriously you JackHat! I was parked center in my spot so if you had parked correctly in your spot you would of had plenty of room and wouldn’t need to hit my car. I really considered chasing him down and punching him in the face, but lucky for him he didn’t debt or scratch my car.
Every day I think I start to dislike people even more.
It was in the 70′s today and not supposed to get out of the 30′s tomorrow. Yeah that’s quite the temperature change.
Happy Monday.

Meme Challenge

One of my friends who posts a daily blog participated in the meme challenge yesterday in her blog. So, today I thought I’d join the challenge.
The challenge works like this, you ready for it…
1) Google your name followed by meme
2) See results
Hard challenge I know.
Unfortunately, when I do that most of the memes are of Abby Lee Miller. Which ironically enough my middle name is also Lee just not spelt Lee. Anyway, I did get some good ones. Allow me to share.

Let’s hope this one is not true I’m not sure the world could handle me everywhere.


Some Happy Birthday memes, and oh hotness that is Ryan Thank you for the birthday wish.

Yup, it’s true and real I’m quite the commodity. Ok not really I’m pretty boring actually.

Depending on my mood this could be absolutely true. I can be a force to be recorded with.
And, here’s my favorite, can we just say YUM!!!!!

Now go forth and Google yourself and find your personal meme.

Smelly Dogs

So, the thing about your dogs having play dates and having more than one dog is that, when around other dogs they get their funk on them along with their own.
My dogs slobber all over each other on a regular basis and then add in a play date this week with 3 other dogs and well that equals a whole lot of dog funk.
Needless to say my dogs are pretty smelly right now and in serious need of a bath. Unfortunately, it is way too cold to give them a bath outside. It’s in the high 30′s here which yeah too cold for them to be getting wet outside. The husband is currently out of the country which means I don’t have help to wash them anyway. And, giving them a bath in our tub could happen but not without help it’s not. So yeah I think they are going to have to take a trip to the groomers for a quick bath, because the smell is pretty awful.
We have 2 pet supply stores right near the house and I know at least one of them has grooming services. I will be calling them to get prices to see what it will cost to have better smelling dogs for a day or so at least.
Yup, missing the warm weather already because at least then they could be washed outside and run around outside like lunatics while they are wet instead of in the house. Winter are you over yet?