New Windshield

Right before we had left for Virginia in March, my windshield cracked. My car was sitting in the driveway and the windshield just cracked. That let’s you know how cold and frosty things were.
Needless to say the windshield wasn’t high on the list of things to be taken care of right before heading across the country. We also were kind of hoping that the weather would improve and we wouldn’t have to worry about the crack getting bigger.
Hahaha! Wishful thinking on my part. I love in flipping Wyoming. Of course the weather isn’t going to improve. Yesterday, the windshield continued to crack and made it clear across the windshield. So, we bit the bullet and today had the windshield replaced. It was about 2.5 hours and a brand new windshield was had. The only thing that sucked is that we don’t have another car here as the husband’s truck is bak in Virginia. We made the best of it though and went to our favorite breakfast spot and then hung out at the library while we waited for the call.
Here’s hoping this windshield lasts a lifetime.

Won’t Be Buying That Again

I decided to try Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix tonight. It was okay, but definitely not tasty enough for me. I will say that it bakes nicely and there was no crumbling apart which with other cake mixes has happened to me. I guess my biggest complaint is that it didn’t have a lot of taste to it. Good thing I loaded on the chocolate frosting.
I won’t be buying this particular mix from Betty, but her gluten-free brownie mix is pretty good. Still not my favorite but it’ll do in a pinch.
Next time I’ll be trying something different. Anyway, I had some gluten-free cupcakes for dessert. I do like cupcakes.
Ahhhh the joys of gluten-free.

Wyoming You Suck!

Yesterday morning I woke up in sunny 75 degree temperatures in Las Vegas.

This morning I woke up in Wyoming to this:

Yeah, can we say, Not Impressed!

Just another reason I can’t wait to move. We’ve had snow since September people, that’s 8 months with snow. 3/4 of the year with snow. I think I hate snow.

Hope you have had a nice enjoyable spring weekend.


Blue Man Parade

Our first night here we got to witness the Blue Man Group Parade through the hotel. It’s pretty awesome.


It’s a cool little preview to the show. They do it every night through the casino on their way into the theatre. I love Vegas!

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day it had me jet setting all over the place.
New York, Rome, Paris, Monte Carlo, and even Egypt.
Busy day right. Don’t believe me I even have photo proof. Okay one of the photos I didn’t take but still.

The NY skyline as we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

A beautiful fountain in Rome, I didn’t take this picture clearly I was to busy being hungry to think about food when we were passing through.

The Eiffel Tower all lit up last night as we strolled on into Paris.

The Sphinx with one of the pyramids in the background.

And, finally an archway in Monte Carlo where we will be spending a lot of our time the next couple of days.
Okay, clearly I’m not really in any of those places, but I am in Las Vegas where just by entitling a new casino
I’m in a whole new city or country.
Here’s hoping to winning big. Oh wait that would mean I have to gamble. Well I’m still having fun.

My Dogs Are Spoiled

We have 2 dogs. A soon to be 3-year-old lab Shepard mix and a 1-year-old lab possibly Doberman mix.  They are lunatics 90% of the time, have more energy than any living thing should have, and want to play non-stop.

I very rarely can do anything in the house without one of them bringing me a ball or some other toy to throw for them. Which, is fine, but sometimes I need to do other things, and entertaining them is not it.

Now, do we spoil them, yes we do.  They have ridiculous amounts of toys, but they get bored easily and then become destructive, so toys it is. Although we have a strict no stuffed toy rule in the house now because well in about 2.7 seconds they’ve completely destroyed it and my house looks like a Build-A-Bear workshop has exploded in it. Along, with toys I’m not above bribing them with treats so that I can get them into the kitchen when I need to leave. If, we are going to be gone for a prolonged period of time I bring marrow bones home with me, and if it’s going to be a full day of being out of the house they go to their favorite place on Earth, Doggie Day Care. So yeah they are spoiled.

And, it’s just getting worse, they now know that if we go to the drive-thru at the bank they get dog biscuits.  Yeah, as soon as the lady says, “Hello,” they get all excited.  Needless to say yesterday at the bank they got dog biscuits. They have also learned that if a certain person is working the drive-thru at Hamburger Stand/Weinerschnitzel/Tastee Freeze, they are getting a hot dog.  Yeah, they got a hot dog last night too.

I’m a bit fearful for what any children we may have will turn out like, if this is how are dogs are.