Fall TV

It’s that time of the year when new episodes of my favorite shows return and new shows take to the airwaves.
This year I’m happy to say there are some good shows.
I’m enjoying Madam Secretary, I like the characters and the way the show is going. Of course I’ve only watched the first episode. I’ll catch up on this weeks episodes of television soon.
I also checked out Scorpion, and will continue to give it a shot. Not sure if it will be a show I continue to watch, but so far I haven’t written it off.
Forever, is my favorite new show so far. I am loving the idea of the show and all that has happened in the first 2 episodes. I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode.
I can’t wait for Thursday night and the premier of Bad Judge starring Kate Walsh. It looks like it’s going to be good. Also A to Z which is premiering Thursday night as well.
Ahhhh I love that there are no reruns to watch. Of course this means my TiVo is working overtime. I’ll be catching up on a lot of tv once the husband goes on the road.
How about you any shows you love that have returned and/or any new shows you’re enjoying?

Workin’ It

This afternoon I took my first actual Zumba class. I’ve done lots of Zumba videos and have enjoyed them a lot. Today, I dove right in and took a class with actual other people. It was awesome. I had a lot of fun. I of course was lost at points because the people in the class have been going for a while and know the routines already.
But, hey it was fun I picked most of them up pretty quickly and I worked up a pretty good sweat.
After Zumba I had about 30 minutes before my Yoga class started. I drove across the base to one of the other gyms where my class was being held, and met up with the husband. Talked to him briefly and headed into my class. It was a great class and a bit challenging. Just how I like it.
After my class got out the husband and I headed home to cook up dinner. That’s the only problem with doing 2 classes is that we don’t get home until nearly 8 which means we are eating late. Once the husband goes back over seas Monday and Wednesday nights will be leftover night. That way once I get home it’s reheat whatever and eat.
Tomorrow it’s yoga class and I’m going to look at all of the gyms schedules to see if there is any other classes that I want to take tomorrow.
I love living next to several bases and having access to all of these classes.

Trying To Get Into This Book

I’m a reader. I love reading. I often find myself staying up way too late just “finishing one more chapter.” There have been many occasions where I’ve stayed up all night to finish a book, because I just can’t put it down.
However, that is not the case with this current book I’ve been reading. I started it over a week ago and am only about 50 some odd pages in. Now, here’s the thing with me once I start a book I have to finish it even if it sucks and I hate the story. I guess I’m holding out hope that it’s going to get better. Most of the time it does not, but there have been a few occasions where it had happened.
Now, the book that I’m currently reading I put off for a long time because I wasn’t sure I was really into it anyway, but with all of the rave reviews everyone recommending I read it, and the fact that it’s now a movie opening on Friday I figured it’s time to read it. Well, I didn’t think I’d be into it when it first came out, and so far not really into now. But, I have a firm rule I have to read the book before seeing the movie, and well the movie always sucks in comparison to the book in my opinion anyway. However, with how little I’m into this book I’m almost certain I won’t want to see the movie anyways.
I’m going to make a serious effort to finish this book by Friday. We shall see how it goes. So for now it’s off to read.

Busy Day

I’ve had quite the productive day. The husband and I were out of the house by 7:30 this morning to head on over to the gym. I took a 30 minute Tai Chi class followed by a 60 minute yoga class. The class was amazing.
This was followed up by coming home finishing up multiple loads of laundry, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. This was then all followed up by vacuuming and steam mopping the house. Can I tell you how much I don’t miss carpeting. Even though now I have to mop on top of vacuuming it’s still a ton faster than trying to get the dog hair up from the carpet. Hard wood floors for the win.
Finally the night was ended by going out to eat for my friend Andrea’s Birthday! A great night out with friends and meeting new people.
Definitely a great Saturday.

Yummy Score

Right down the street we have a Frozen Yogurt Bar. Which, is both a very good and a very bad thing. Why, you may be asking. Well I love FroYo so, score it’s right down the street. As in close enough I could walk there, we didn’t walk there but we could. So yeah, these reasons are also the reasons why it’s bad that the joint is right down the street.
I opted for Vanilla FroYo, I mean you can’t go wrong with vanilla. Especially when you aren’t sure of what toppings they will have. Well, people shaking your heads telling me I’m a bore, you’re in for a surprise, because this is what I found at the toppings station:

This may be the biggest tub of Nutella I have ever seen, I kind of wanted to steal the tub and bring it home. I. Love. Nutella.
So yeah, I covered my vanilla FroYo in Nutella, which let me tell you a little something about Nutella being added to cold stuff. It becomes hard, so not only did I have Nutella, but I basically created a hard chocolate shell over my FroYo. Simply heaven! I added strawberries to the mix and some chocolate chips. Yeah I basically had chocolate covered strawberries and FroYo.

It’s ok you can be jealous. It was delicious. I have a feeling I’ll be making another visit to the Skinny Dip again soon.

Frozen On Ice What!!!!

Last night I attended Frozen On Ice with my friend Andrea and her daughter.
We had a great time at the show and all I have to say is Frozen is a Cash Cow for Disney. It was opening night of the show and it was at least 95% sold out if not more. There were very few open seats in the coliseum.

Of course you can’t have a Disney show without these guys:



Then the show began:



The place went a little wild with the arrival of these characters:



Ahhhhh who doesn’t love Sven and Olaf.
Olaf singing about summer:

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna

Snow Monster!

These guys may have been my favorite of the show:


A great show:



It was a great show. I enjoyed myself just as much as the 6 year old I’m sure. It was a lot of fun. I can’t say how happy I am to be living in the land of civilization again where I can easily do these types of activities.
And, to finish it off you can’t have Frozen without a little Let It Go!

Fridge Issues

Our rental house is coming along nicely. I did some cleaning today and while cleaning even hung up some things to make the house look like we live here. The kitchen has been decorated. Now it’s onto the living/dining room. We aren’t sure how things will hang on the walls. They are textured plaster so we will be using lots of Command hooks and strips. We just need to test how well they stick and hold on the wall.
Anyway, let’s move onto the real reason for this post. Our fridge. The fridge works great. Keeps our food cold almost too cold at times. However, there is a problem with said fridge. It’s missing shelves and/or they are broken. Yeah so that makes putting things in the fridge not so doable. Which, this of course means that I can’t really grocery shop for a week or 2 at a time because well there is no way to get the stuff in the fridge. We have a missing shelf and then the 2 Crisper drawers are busted so that they just lay in the bottom I the fridge. So we can put stuff in the drawers, but putting anything on top of the drawers makes it so you can’t open the drawers. Putting stuff on top of the drawers works but the bins fly all over the place so it’s a keep an eye on things when you open the fridge or grab something out of it.
Now, we moved in on the first of this month and told the property manager immediately. Yeah well we are still waiting for the fridge to be taken care of. It’s becoming a real pain in the ass and I’m starting to get aggravated. If we don’t hear back from him by tomorrow afternoon I’ll be calling again. Because, let’s face it this is getting ridiculous. I’m sure if it was his fridge it would have been replaced a long time ago.
Ok end rant. Although, depending on how tomorrow goes there could be another one coming soon.

Happy Anniversary

Today is the husband’s and my wedding anniversary. We got hitched 2 years ago in Vegas.
It’s been a crazy 2 years. Living in Wyoming. Going on some crazy adventures. And, finally moving back to the Easy Coast.
We’ve made lots of memories in the past 2 years and I can’t wait to make a million more. I’m excited to see what year 3 of our marriage will bring.
We went out for dinner tonight and enjoyed each other’s company. It was a great couple of hours spent together enjoying good food and some laughs.



The husband did some work on the boat and wanted to go out on it. So, I relented and we packed up the dogs, ourselves, some snacks, and headed on out to the water.
The boat was running well and the weather was nice. All was good until we picked up someone’s trash. And, well from there it went downhill. The raw water pump fried and then the boat was no longer working.
We got lucky. Ozzie and his friends came by in their little boat and towed us all the way back to where we had parked the truck. A big thank you to them for helping us out.
All I have to say is thank goodness we have the new boat trailer because it was real easy to get the boat on the trailer without it running the old trailer holy moly. I think we would of just left the boat in the water. There is no way we would of been able to get it on the trailer.
So, now we are working on repairing the damage. Ahhhh this boat.