Road Trippin’

The husband are making good use of his new job’s schedule and the nice weather we are experience in this part of the world.
We decided that we hopefully will soon be moving back to the East Coast we better see all that we can see while we are here. We dropped the dogs off at boarding and loaded ourselves in the car. Heading for South Dakota where we are going to take in some of the sites. Mainly Hot Springs, Mt Rushmore, and a stop at Devil’s Tower on our way back home to Wyoming. A nice little three day site seeing trip. So stay tuned for some quick shots from the trip.
On another note my Toyota 4 Runner just became the coolest 4 Runner on the planet. Attention nerds and geeks this may cause you to go into cardiac arrest from the absolute coolness of this.

Yeah, be jealous that’s a Star Wars reference. And, it’s super cool.
Enjoy your Tuesday. I’m about to go see what Hot Springs, SD has to offer.

I Ate Fish!!!

Yeah, check out the title. It probably doesn’t seen like a huge deal to most, but I haven’t eaten “meat” in about 16 years. So eating fish is a BIG deal.
Why, did I eat fish after so long without eating any type of meat. Well, I’ve been working out like a maniac lately, and know that I have not been getting nearly the amount of protein I need. Add in that I’m completely gluten-free and have been for quite some time, and well it makes eating hard. Normal vegetarian substitutions are things I can’t eat because they all contain gluten. No Tofurkey or this girl on Thanksgiving. I have found several brands of veggie burgers that are gluten-free that I love but still a girl can only eat so many before getting tired of it.
The whole fish thing came about while grocery shopping with the husband. We found some tilapia and brought it home. The husband will eat it if I don’t like it so no harm in buying it. Tonight we grilled up a piece for me with lemon and garlic. It wasn’t bad, definitely not something I’m choosing to eat on a regular basis, but hey. I’m thinking I’m going to try chicken next, but it will have to be free range chicken. I stopped eating chicken because of a book I read, which I currently can’t think of the name of, and well if you like chicken trust me you do NOT want to read the book. I’m taking baby steps here. When I say I ate fish I did, but we are talking a very small piece. We shall see how my body responds to it since it’s been so long since I’ve had animal protein.
But, hey if I can start eating fish and enjoying it I’ll have a few more choices besides salad when we go out to dinner.
So, yes big day in our household I ate an animal. Sorry all you vegetarians out there who are not liking me right now. I just know I need more protein and I’m not getting enough of it with my current diet. Again there is only so much quinoa a girl can eat.

Walking Fools

The husband and I are taking full advantage of the weather we are currently experiencing in Wyoming. As in the sun is out we are in the high 60′s to low 70′s and the wind is less than hurricane force.
This morning the husband went out for a run while I hit the treadmill and ran a mile and walked another 1.5.
We did some errands and went grocery shopping. The husband needs some meat to eat. As he puts it my hippy rabbit food just doesn’t do it for him. This good is also known as vegetarian gluten-free.
After returning home from grocery shopping we got the dogs ready and took them on a walk. I’m happy to report there were no casualties on this walk. We walked the dogs a bit further, a whole half a mile further. 2.5 miles with the dogs you’d think they’d be tired. No, we came home and they promptly dropped a ball at our feet.
We enjoyed a nice dinner and then set out for a walk on our own. Another 2.6 miles later we are home. So yeah we packed on the miles today. Here’s hoping tomorrow is another enjoyable day where we can get out and enjoy the fresh air, and not be stuck on the treadmill forever. I love my treadmill but I’ve been spending a lot of time with him this winter.
Happy Saturday!

Dog Walking Injury & First BBQ Of The Year

We once again took advantage of the weather here in Wyoming and took the dogs out for a walk. We actually did a rather long walk for them. It ended up being a little over 2 miles when all was said and done. We went a different route than we have done the last few days. The way we went was less car traffic but higher pedestrian and dog traffic. The dogs did pretty well until we were about 5 blocks from the house, and well that’s where things didn’t go well. As we walked by a house with a high solid fence a dog started barking, which in turn sent psycho, scared of her own shadow, Heidi into a tizzy, which resulted in her taking out my ankle and knocking me to the ground. One slightly sprained ankle and skinned knee later we made it home.

My knee it’s not bad at all although I did walk home looking like a victim of war. There was definitely some blood happening. It’s okay we all survived and are doing well. Tomorrow is another day, where the husband will walk Heidi.
After our walk we took full advantage of the day and had our gutsy BBQ of the season. We had hamburgers, ok the husband had hamburgers and I had a veggie burger. But, it was delicious and done out on the grill. We had gone to this little neighborhood market we have a few blocks from the house, where the husband picked up some ground beef with applewood smoked bacon, let’s just say the man loved it. I had a Hillary’s Root Veggie Burger I loved it. I love Hillary’s veggie burgers and this was the first time I tried the root veggie one. I’ll be looking to buy more of them. Hillary’s is definitely a favorite of mine when it comes to gluten-free veggie burgers. A lot of gluten-free veggie burgers fall apart not these and they have tons if flavor. Check them out if you’re into that. We also had a nice cold beer with our dinner gluten-free for me, and finished off the BBQ with ice cream. It was a pretty good day here. Let the weekend begin!

Cold Stone

The husband and I decided to walk to Cold Stone Creamery tonight. It’s about a mile round trip and well when ice cream is involved a little walking is good for you.
And, well I think I may have died and gone to heaven. They now have lemon ice cream. Uhmmmm YUMMMMM. Really there is nothing else I need to say other than that. I got the lemon ice cream of course and added some strawberries and whipped cream. Yup, I just found my new favorite sinful treat. Cold Stone Creamery lemon ice cream for the win.

Nails Done & Dogs Taken For A Walk

Today has been a decent day here in Wyoming. Of course it started off with snow and cold temperatures, but by this afternoon it had warmed up into the 40′s.

We got a call this morning from our realtors letting us know that someone wanted to see the house this afternoon.  This of course meant oh crap, we need to unpack from Vegas like now, followed by running through the house with the vacuum and mop. We got everything taken care of, loaded the dogs in the car, and set out to do some errands while the house was being looked at.

We came home, the husband worked on a project and I painted my nails. I did a little spring color with some flair in hopes that spring will come to Wyoming and stay for a while. I am completely over winter and have been for quite some time. But, here they are a little pink and blue sparkle for some fun.


After the nails were done and the husband had finished his project, we decided to enjoy the warmer temperatures and sunshine, being that I have no idea how long it will last, we took the dogs out for a walk. We didn’t do a very long walk, because well our dogs are horrible walkers. We walked about a mile with them and came home. They weren’t completely awful, but not the best behaved either. Hopefully, we will be able to continue to take them for a walk while the husband is home and they will get better at this whole walking on a leash thing, and not ripping my arm out of its socket. We shall see.

Happy Wednesday!

New Windshield

Right before we had left for Virginia in March, my windshield cracked. My car was sitting in the driveway and the windshield just cracked. That let’s you know how cold and frosty things were.
Needless to say the windshield wasn’t high on the list of things to be taken care of right before heading across the country. We also were kind of hoping that the weather would improve and we wouldn’t have to worry about the crack getting bigger.
Hahaha! Wishful thinking on my part. I love in flipping Wyoming. Of course the weather isn’t going to improve. Yesterday, the windshield continued to crack and made it clear across the windshield. So, we bit the bullet and today had the windshield replaced. It was about 2.5 hours and a brand new windshield was had. The only thing that sucked is that we don’t have another car here as the husband’s truck is bak in Virginia. We made the best of it though and went to our favorite breakfast spot and then hung out at the library while we waited for the call.
Here’s hoping this windshield lasts a lifetime.

Won’t Be Buying That Again

I decided to try Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix tonight. It was okay, but definitely not tasty enough for me. I will say that it bakes nicely and there was no crumbling apart which with other cake mixes has happened to me. I guess my biggest complaint is that it didn’t have a lot of taste to it. Good thing I loaded on the chocolate frosting.
I won’t be buying this particular mix from Betty, but her gluten-free brownie mix is pretty good. Still not my favorite but it’ll do in a pinch.
Next time I’ll be trying something different. Anyway, I had some gluten-free cupcakes for dessert. I do like cupcakes.
Ahhhh the joys of gluten-free.

Wyoming You Suck!

Yesterday morning I woke up in sunny 75 degree temperatures in Las Vegas.

This morning I woke up in Wyoming to this:

Yeah, can we say, Not Impressed!

Just another reason I can’t wait to move. We’ve had snow since September people, that’s 8 months with snow. 3/4 of the year with snow. I think I hate snow.

Hope you have had a nice enjoyable spring weekend.