They have started offering a Piloxing class at one of the base gyms on Friday mornings. Today was the second time it was offered, and I decided to give it a try.
It was great, I was working hard and having fun. The instructor who is teaching the class also teaches Zumba at the gym a few times a week. I took her Zumba class on Wednesday and had a hard time keeping up. She had serious fast footwork. And, well Piloxing wasn’t much different. Although I was able to pick the steps up easier here, because we did the moves slow at first and then applied the speed.
The mix of boxing and Pilates definitely worked my abs I can feel them already. I definitely will be attending this class in the New Year once it resumes again.
Once Piloxing is over I have 45 minutes to cool off eat a snack and rehydrate before Zumba starts. And, of course Zumba was fun and a workout. I don’t feel I pushed myself as much as I usually do, I was a bit tired from the Piloxing class. However, after a few times of doing this double session I’ll get used to it.
But, if you’re looking for a workout that works you out from head to toe and burns a lot of calories check out a Piloxing class. Oh and don’t forget that it’s a lot of fun. We were all laughing and smiling throughout the class which is always important.
Enjoy your weekend.

A Week What!!!!

Can you believe that Christmas is only a week away. How is that even possible? I can’t believe how fast this month has been flying by.
Are you all gearing up for the holiday that is quickly approaching?
I’ve got some presents still to wrap and I’ll pick up something for our spoiled dogs, and then I’m done.
Not really doing anything to crazy here for the holidays since the husband won’t be home until a few days after the holiday.
We’ve made New Years plans though so we will celebrate a little of the holiday season.
Happy 1 Week Till Christmas

And This Is Just Some Of The Marks

Went to Krav last night. It was a good class. We did lots of sparring. I love the class however I’m not crazy about the place that I’m taking the class. They mix everyone together from beginner all the way through advanced.
With the way they have the class set up, I don’t get as much out of class as I could. A lot of times the other students are teaching me techniques.
I wish they would have just a beginner class so that I could learn the basics and than move on from there. Luckily, the other students are really awesome about helping each other out.
And, of course just as my bruises from last week have healed I’ve got some new ones to sport this week.

It smarts a bit.
And, this pretty much sums up things.



Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah.
And, well my gift from the husband arrived just in time.
A little about this gift. My husband’s wedding band is pretty unique. It’s a band with gears in it that actually work. It’s perfect for an engineer/nerd/pilot. Of course I was kicking myself for getting him this particular ring on our flight from Vegas to Rome, Italy. As the entire time he spun the thing and played with it so all I heard was this spinning gear moving sound. Yeah, it made for a long flight.
If you haven’t seen it before or heard of it here’s a picture of the ring, this isn’t his ring because well his is on his finger currently and well he’s not in the country right now for me to get a shot of it.

So yeah it’s pretty darn cool.
Well a little over a week ago the company that makes these rings released a new product and sent me an email with all the specs on the new product. I promptly emailed the husband letting him know that I would like this. His response was Happy Hanukkah!
So what is it you ask? Well it’s a gear necklace of course. So now we can both be geared up. The necklace is a heart with 3 gears in which the chain goes through moving the gears. It’s pretty awesome. I was a little worried that it would be heavy but it’s not at all. It’s lightweight and not overly large. I love it.

You can get your own gear ring or necklace or both by visiting Kinekt Designs.
Because, who doesn’t like a little science and fun with their jewelry.
Happy first night of Hanukkah.

Christmas Town

Saturday, I went to Busch Gardens’ Christmas Town with friends. They turn the theme park into a holiday extravaganza.
The names of the rides are changed to holiday names the park is lit up with Christmas lights. Trees are covered in lights, rides have lights all over, and Holiday shows are abundant. Of course there is also the Big Guy himself, Santa Claus.
It was a great day with temps int he high 40’s low 50’s. Of course once the sun set it did get a bit chilly, but the park had put up propane heaters all throughout the park along with heated seating areas.
We had a lot of fun taking in the lights and the kids enjoyed some rides.
















2 Years Later

Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of the tragedy, which still doesn’t seem a strong enough word for the horrific events that transpired that day, at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
2 years later a community is still trying to move on and regroup. Families are still dealing with the anguish, heartache, and loss. Questions that will forever go unanswered still linger, and the stories of those who lost their lives still make our hearts ache.
Today, I hope you pause for a moment and remember the lives that were lost in this day 2 years ago, and give a moment to their families.
2 years ago and I still can remember the media coverage as if it were happening now.




Busy Day

I have a pretty packed day today.
I got up early with the dogs made myself some breakfast, and got the dogs ready to go to boarding.
After breakfast and throwing in a load of laundry I loaded the dogs in the car and dropped them off at boarding. Which, for Heidi was a bit of a trauma. She freaked out a bit and peed all over their floor. I told them she should be fine as long as she’s kept with Bonnie. Separate them and well there is no telling what she’d do.
After dropping them off I headed on over to the chiropractor. I of course waited forever for them which I wasn’t impressed with. They also had this whole treatment plan for me, which yeah I get it you want to fix it all but there are things that are beyond control and coming to see you several times a week isn’t going to fix it. I’m really only looking to call you and say hey I need an adjustment and then in I come, I’m not looking for scheduled appointments every week. They did do an adjustment and well I definitely needed it there was lots of snap, crackle, and popping going on. The doctor I saw was really good once we actually got to the adjustment part of the process. I definitely feel better.
After the chiropractor visit it was off to the gym for some Zumba. The class was a lot of fun as usual and there were a lot of new people there. We did some new routines and even pulled out some older routines that we haven’t done in a while which was fun.
After Zumba I headed to the grocery store to get the groceries for next week. I have been planning out the menu for the week on Wednesday based on what is on sale in the flyers and well Friday after class just works out as the best time to go pick it all up.
Driving home took a bit apparently they needed to do some emergency road work which caused traffic to be crazy. And, as for what I saw them doing as in emergency road work was pouring concrete over the guardrail. I have no idea what that was about or why they were doing but ok. Anyway, I made it home are some lunch put all the groceries away and had some down time.
Now it’s off to hang out with some Munchkins while their parents are enjoying some adult time. I’m excited. Like I said before I’ve been missing kids. I’ve got some books packed, unfortunately all of my craft stuff is still packed in storage so we won’t be doing any holiday crafts, but hey we’ll make do.
And, tomorrow is another long day but it should be fun. Stay tuned to find out what the fun is all about.


So, apparently today the dogs have decided it’s bark non-stop day. I’m pretty sure they are barking at nothing 90% of the time. And, the other 10% is spent barking at people in their yards.
Sorry neighbors that my dogs feel it’s their duty to let everyone know that they can see you and that there are some leaves blowing around on the ground.
And, well I almost thought one of my neighbors was coming over to yell at me as I was in the house and the dogs were barking quite loudly and incessantly, this was accompanied by a knock on my door. However, it was not a neighbor coming to complain it was actually my dogs warning me there was a weirdo knocking on my door. Some guy looking to clean the gutters. Uhmmm yeah thanks I’ll pass.
And, these memes pretty much sum up my life with these crazy dogs.





Last night’s Krav class was a good one. Want to know how I know before class was even over I had bruises forming. Last week’s class that I attended was anything but fun. It was a lot of military style PT.
Last night’s class was all about elbows. Throwing elbows to the front, side, and back. Luckily, my elbows weren’t scraped raw like some others, but they were definitely red and hot to the touch for a while afterwards. I learned last night that I’m a lot better at throwing elbows with my right than my left. I’m going to have to work on that because my left side is weak. And, by weak I mean a complete joke.
Along, with the throwing of elbows we worked on getting out of a chokehold when we are pushed up against a wall. We had done something like this once before, but used a different technique to escape it. Last night we did it with elbows instead of the sweep and swim as I call it.
I of course left the class sweaty and exhausted, and this morning am finding all sorts of new bruises. Bruises, are pretty awesome when you earn them. And, well last night I earned them.


Krav Maga I’m loving it.