2/3 Of The Way

We got up early this morning and headed out of Lincoln, Nebraska. There were Husker flags flying everywhere. Today was their first game.
We drove 600+ miles again today. Most of the day was driving through Missouri. Which apparently they had a game today as well. Since probably 70% of the cars that passed us had tiger tails hanging off the back.
I was super excited to see this:

See that little I-64 yeah this is the last road we will need to be on to get home. Whoooo!!!! Too bad we are still 600+ miles from home. But, hey we’ve made it to Indiana, and we won’t lose anymore hours as we are officially back in Eastern Standard Time.
1 more day and 600+ miles and we will be there.

On Our Way

The husband and I got up nice and early this morning. We took care of the last minute business we had to do in Wyoming, picked up the dogs, and we were off.

This is my view for the next 2000 miles.
We made it out of Wyoming. And, into…

After 11+ hours of driving today and around 600 miles, we’ve stopped for the night. Lincoln, Nebraska I hope this is the last I see of you.
Tomorrow, will be another long day of driving 600+ miles where we will be stopping somewhere in Indiana I do believe. Virginia here we come.

Truck a Loading Day Is Here

The truck is finally loaded. Eating some dinner and then it’ll be off to the hotel for some much needed sleep.
And, all I have to say is a big thank you to Logan and Brian for all of their help loading the truck. Because, if yet weren’t there we’d still be loading the truck.

You’re FIRED!!!!!

So, we’ve fired our second set of realtors tonight. Good thing we already had a new one lined up.
And, this one comes recommended by people who also were having a hard time selling their home.
And, just now while getting ice cream the guy working the drive-thru told us the same thing about her. So, folks I think we have a winner here. Here’s hoping our house sells soon.

They Say It’s Your Birthday!

Today is my birthday. I received tons of Happy Birthdays on Facebook which thanks everyone, you know how to make a girl feel special.
I spent the day, running around doing last minute things that need to be done before leaving. Packed up the rest of the stuff in the house. All that is left is the last minute stuff that well has to wait till the last minute.
As, I was packing I chucked a ton of stuff and also have a boat load of stuff for Good Will.
The husband and I went out for a nice dinner for my birthday. It was delicious and it was great to spend some time with him not rushing around trying to get things done for the move.
Tomorrow morning we have a showing at the house. Yeah, sorry perspective buyers but we are loading a moving truck so yeah don’t mind the absolute mess that is the house. Or the living room that has more furniture than it should and boxes and other stuff. Oh yeah that dining room just ignore all of the bedroom furniture currently sitting in it. Not much we can do. We are moving and need to have all our stuff together and ready to move when the time comes.
After the showing tomorrow we will be pulling the rest of the stuff that is stored in closets out and putting in the “staging area” if you will. After that’s complete, it’ll be scrub the downstairs and the south side of the house. Then Thursday as the rooms with stuff in them are cleared out I’ll be cleaning them. And, Friday morning we roll on out of town.
So it was a busy day but hey my birthday present is I’m moving from Wyoming back to the beach!!!!!

More Progress

We’ve made some progress today with packing and moving.
We managed to get everything upstairs today, so now my dining room that looked like this yesterday:

And, well now it looks like this:

The bathroom is almost completely packed up. Medicine cabinet will be packed and after that it’s just the stuff we use every day. Which, of course that stuff will have to wait until the minute we leave.
Tomorrow I’ll be doing some cleaning. The downstairs will be dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed, and steamed. And, after that it’s done. Then I’ll focus on cleaning rooms upstairs. Of course it’s a bit difficult to do them since a lot o the areas have stuff in them or we are still walking through them. But, we have a plan for Thursday/moving out day so it’ll all get done with just some adjustments.
We also have a second showing Wednesday morning. I was like whatever. I really can’t be out I the house for over an hour but whatever. Hopefully they will decide to buy the stinking house. And, then it’ll be worth it to screw with my schedule.
Only a few more days till we move.

No, There Wasn’t A Bomb Set Off

My house is looking pretty crazy right now. We’ve started moving furniture into 1 room so that it’s easier to get everything out into the truck when it comes.
The kitchen is finished except for the last minute stuff that we are still using. The bathroom is partially packed, and I’ll finish that tomorrow. Along, with finishing the bathroom, I’ll be wrapping up the remaining mirrors and pictures. After that there is not much to do but clean and wait for the truck to arrive.

This is what my kitchen is looking like.

Empty rooms in my house.

One room that’s becoming full quite quickly. But, it’s a short trip out the door to the truck.
4 days till we load the truck and then on day 5 we pull on out.

1 Last Soak

Today, the weather here in Wyoming was a bit chilly and blustery. The temps were in the low to mid 60’s, with wind and overcast most of the day. Follow that up this evening with a rainstorm and the temps dropped into the 50’s.
So, what’s a good thing to do when it’s chilly and damp out. Well take one last soak in my Jacuzzi tub before we move. It was quite nice and relaxing. I’m definitely going to miss that tub once we leave. But, I’m glad I got to enjoy it one last time.
5 days until we are on the road to VA. I’m getting excited of course I still have stuff to get done. Tomorrow, will be moving the furniture out of the downstairs and once that’s done, it’s time to get the cleaning done. We are trying to get rooms cleared out and cleaned as we go so it won’t be a mad dash to do it all while loading the moving truck. Hopefully it works out that way.
5 days to get it done!